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Resident Evil 5 Demo - PlayStation 3 vs XBox 360 Comparison

Resident Evil 5 Demo - PlayStation 3 vs XBox 360 Comparison 500°
322w ago - What follows is a comparison of the Biohazard 5 demos which were recently released for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

What you should keep in mind when viewing the pictures below is that, as of the publishing of this article, the game still has three months of development time and any of the things you see below could very well be changed by the time the game is released.

Another thing you should note is that I took these shots through component video output on both consoles. Its common knowledge that the Xbox 360 has a sharper output that the PlayStation 3.

As with most multi-platform releases, it's standard practice for different platforms to be on different build releases as they are created. So while these two demos were released just a few weeks apart, it's very likely that one of them is using old assets and code, which may help explain some of the differences.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that you aren't viewing these screenshots in an uncompressed format, however the same compression levels were used for each version.

We'll start by running through the Shanty Town stage. When I first began comparing the images I had captured against each other, I was immediately struck by the color timing differences. T

he Xbox 360 version seems to...

Portable Gaming: Is Nintendo or PlayStation Winning This Round?

Portable Gaming: Is Nintendo or PlayStation Winning This Round? 100°
322w ago - Through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we heard a lot about the phenomenal popularity of the Nintendo Wii this holiday season. But are shoppers also showing interest in the smaller cousins of the consoles: portable gaming systems? And who is winning that battle for consumer interest?

Sony PlayStation and Nintendo are the major players in this market - with the PSP and the DS, respectively. To get a read on how online interest in these two brands shaped up in 2008, I looked at portable gaming interest in 2008 on two major consumer electronics retailers' Web sites, Best Buy (BBY) and Circuit City. Specifically, I tracked hardware and software for the PSP and DS and other legacy devices by these companies.

- The Nintendo portable devices have consistently generated more traffic than PlayStation across these two retailers' sites.
- Interest in the PSP has been slipping on these sites. More than twice as many people looked at the Nintendo portable gaming products than the PSP last month.

Although this data is taken from just two (albeit large) retailers, the relative popularity of the Nintendo products is worth considering. Despite recent updates to the PlayStation product and its ability to play movies as well as games, it can't seem to edge out the DS in terms of interest or sales....

Another Anti-PlayStation 3 Argument is Put to Rest

Another Anti-PlayStation 3 Argument is Put to Rest 200°
322w ago - The arguments leveled against Sony's PlayStation 3 when it first launched in late 2006 were both numerous and legitimate. Lack of software - a common refrain at the start of every new generation - led the charge, but the price tag concern wasn't too far behind.

Then, not much later, we started to see the unfortunate trend of poor 360-to-PS3 ports. The reason for this was simple: developers weren't used to the PS3's complex new architecture and in stark contrast, they had a firm grasp of the year-old Xbox 360.

Therefore, we end up with inferior PS3 versions of games like The Orange Box and F.E.A.R., among others. It wasn't long before this caught on and the mainstream buying public would issue two arguments- 1. the PS3 has no games (which we've already laid to rest), and 2. the PS3 version is always worse than the 360 version.

Yep, it's time to drop the hammer on that latter argument, too, because it hasn't been true for most of 2008 and won't be true ever again in the future.

In fact, many third-party developers are using the PS3 as the lead platform in the software production process, and if they're not, they're at least developing a project simultaneously for the PS3 and 360. We see examples of this at every turn, and for the biggest multi-platform releases of 2008, it's clear...

Goodbye Sony PlayStation Portable - We Barely Knew You

Goodbye Sony PlayStation Portable - We Barely Knew You 300°
322w ago - Whatever happened to the PSP? The device that Sony once touted as "the Walkman for the 21st century" is fast disappearing from popular consciousness, and if you believe the rumors circulating just three-and-a-half years after its launch, it's up for a major rethink in 2009.

Over the crucial month of November, the Nintendo DS shifted a jaw-dropping 1.5 million units in the US alone (up 20% from last year) while the PSP languished, managing just 421,000 sales - actually down 27%, in what was in general a tremendously strong month for video games.

Even the software support is eroding. Despite the PSP's healthy install base of around 13 million consumers, only six 2008 PSP releases scored better than 80% on review aggregating site gamerankings.com, compared with 16 on the DS.

There's a good reason for that: nobody's making PSP games, because outside of one or two hits like this year's Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, nobody's buying them. That's only going to worsen when the superheavyweight Grand Theft Auto series (previously exclusive to the PSP on handhelds) releases its first DS title early next year.

In a lot of ways, it's a shame. The PSP is a far more capable hardware platform than the DS. It's a phone, a portable music player, a pocket-sized movie device, a mobile Web browser,...

PlayStation 3 Guide: Importing Music CDs, Creating Audio Playlists

PlayStation 3 Guide: Importing Music CDs, Creating Audio Playlists 100°
322w ago - SCEA's Associate Product Manager Kristin Neirinckx has shared the second how-to today via PS Blog as follows:

I'm sure your friends and family members were seriously impressed with your photo slideshow skills you learned on Friday. Similar to that, today we will learn how to import a CD and create a playlist using your favorite music.

It's a little special today because we have two videos instead of one. So now you will be ready in case you want to put together a mix for your New Year's Eve party or create a soundtrack for your photo slideshow. Have fun!

PS3 How To: Importing a CD

PS3 How To: Creating an Audio Playlist


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