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Zack & Wiki: The Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure 50°
389w ago - There's not much I can say about Zack & Wiki that hasn't already been said elsewhere. It's garnering critical acclaim across the board, and yet, rumors are abound that early sales have been abysmal at best. It's sad to think that one of the best games on the Wii ever might go the way of Beyond Good & Evil or Psychonauts, adored by those who played it, and ignored by most everybody else.

Zack & Wiki are the newest recruits of a...

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Teen steals $9,000 from grandmother, buys Wii 50°
389w ago - In Troy, Ohio, a teen who stole more than $9,000 to buy a Nintendo Wii was saved of being sent to prison by the forgiveness of his grandmother.
Richard Bruckner, 18, reportedly stole $9,045 from his 78-year-old grandmother. She called the police when she noticed the money missing from her pillowcase, where she stashed it.

According to police, Bruckner began by taking about $10 to $20 at a time from the pillow and eventually moved...

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Mass Effect Street Date Broken 50°
389w ago - Someone picked up a copy of Mass Effect at K-Mart and put it up on Ebay for sale.

Ebay info here!

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Game makers, game players are angry at GameStop 50°
389w ago - A lot of people sure hate GameStop.

The Grapevine-based video-game retailer is probably the best-known buyer and seller of used games, and that side of the company's business has angered a lot of people.

Gamers, for one, are ticked that the company generally offers just a couple of bucks to repurchase games that originally sold for $50 or $60. The other factions peeved at GameStop right now are the actual game publishers...

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Bungie 50°
389w ago - Halo 3's out, Bungie's off the MS leash, but there's no time for rest as studio manager Harold Ryan reveals the developer is already hard at work on not one but two new IPs, and new Halo games.

"We're actively engaged with the senior staff here on a couple of new IPs right now, but the team that can generate cool Halo games is still running full-speed as well," Ryan has revealed in an interview with Develop magazine.


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Quartermann: More MGS PSP, More Sonic Games 50°
389w ago - Plus, remember THQ's N64 wrestler No Mercy? It's coming back.

It's Friday and we're all still reeling from the news that NPD numbers won't be gracing us in the weeks ahead, but as the latest issue of EGM falls into subscriber hands, the Quartermann's able to bring you the latest rumors. And lest we forget, Quartermann was right on the money about Bionic Commando.
This month, an old rumor resurfaces in a new form, as BioShock is...

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Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - Clues Update 200°
389w ago - About a week ago Sony released an interesting and mysterious website to help promote Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the PlayStation 3. We made a post about it and since then we have obtained two more interesting related pieces.

First off, a Flickr page has a collection of light sensitive posters and one of them features Sir Francis Drake....

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PAIN Update for PS3 50°
389w ago - It's me, Travis, again. You know, the Senior Producer of PAIN. I want to thank everyone for responding so well to my first PLAYSTATION Blog post. It was the first time I had the opportunity to explain PAIN to more than a few people at a time.

It's always hard to describe a game that doesn't play like anything currently on the market. That's a good thing. No, it's a GREAT thing. Now that we are close to releasing the first PAIN...

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Mark Rein: PS3 UT3 graphics better than Gears of War 50°
389w ago - Epic head honcho says "something special" about playing PC shooter on PS3.

PS3 UT3 has better graphics than Gears of War according to Mark Rein, Epic's vice president.

Speaking in an interview with Pro-G at the launch of the PC version of the game, Rein said that he was "really proud" of the PS3 game, which he hoped would be out in the US this year. However, due to certification issues he remained sceptical about a similar...

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Discovery Channel to Air 5 Hour Videogame Documentary 50°
390w ago - Today the Discovery Channel announced that it's going to air a five-hour prime time documentary entitled "Rise of the Videogame." It covers the entire history of the industry and has interviews with the likes of Ralph Baer, David Jaffe, Will Wright, Peter Molyneux and even some now-obscure names like Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of Sierra Online.

I should disclose that I wrote the treatment for this show and served as a producer...

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