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Microsoft Lashes out at Sony and Apple - Signs of Desperation?

Microsoft Lashes out at Sony and Apple - Signs of Desperation? 400°
310w ago - Recently Microsoft lashed out against two of its competitors by taking jabs.

The casualties in the latest wave of insults from Microsoft are none other than Apple and Sony. It seems like trash talking might just be a corporate mandate over at Microsoft.

However, some might argue that such mudslinging could be due to insecurity or desperation.

During a recent conference Steve Ballmer, head honcho of Microsoft, took a cheap shot at Apple. He chastised Apple for having such an expensive device such as the iPhone when Microsoft could make something that does the same thing for much less - around $150 to $200. It seems like Ballmer is indicating that Microsoft could do a better job of selling smartphones than Apple, which is contrary to the sales figures.

Aaron Greenberg, another boss over at Microsoft did a number on Sony by going into Microsoft's mantra about how the PS3 is too expensive compared to the Xbox 360, which retails for as low as $200. Starting to see a pattern here? Of course Greenberg would feel that the PS3 should be priced as low as the Xbox 360 Arcade.

This is despite the fact the PS3 has a harddrive, wireless adapter and blu-ray...

The Hunter for PC Out of Open BETA and a Free Download

The Hunter for PC Out of Open BETA and a Free Download 50°
310w ago - The Hunter, developed by Avalanche Studios (the creators of Just Cause), promises to be the most true-to-life simulation of buck hunting ever designed.

With a mixture of different gaming features, from social networking to online play, The Hunter provides a sandbox island where patience and careful planning win out over run and gun play.

The game is just recently out in Open Beta, utilizing the same "login to play" system alongside ID Software (Quake Live) and EA (Battlefield Heroes). It's currently free to play after making an account and grabbing a 400mb file from download.

From the brief moment of play I've had, the presentation is nothing short of stunning. Birds fly in random patterns, deer sniff the air and scratch themselves. The graphics are phenomenal for such a small install, so it's definitely worth a look at their Web site.

Rant: Microsoft Should Stop Talking About the PlayStation 3

Rant: Microsoft Should Stop Talking About the PlayStation 3 400°
310w ago - We are well aware that when companies are in direct competition with one another (at least, in terms of one specific division), it's perfectly normal to expect each side to take potshots at the other.

In fact, it's even expected. But we've noticed a trend in the past year or so, and we can't decide if it's due to fear on Microsoft's part, or just an unprofessional approach.

Xbox 360 product management director Aaron Greenberg had a lot to say recently, and too much of it revolved around the competition. We have to wonder if Gamasutra specifically asked him about Sony and the PlayStation 3, or if he just decided to lash out on his own.

We're not going to quibble when it comes to statistics; he's certainly not making them up, and it's true that the 360 outperformed the PS3 in February. However, he also clearly hints at the "fact" that Killzone 2 didn't have any effect; that it didn't prove to be the system seller everyone thought it would be. ...well, there's a serious problem with that train of thought.

Guerilla's gem didn't launch until February 27; the next-to-the-last day of the month, if you're not calendar-proficient. Now, we don't know of any gamers who ran out to buy a PS3 on Valentine's Day in...

Contest: YouTube Your HAWX Mission, Enter to Win a Flight Stick

Contest: YouTube Your HAWX Mission, Enter to Win a Flight Stick 50°
311w ago - Today Ubisoft's Associate Brand Manager Shane Bierwith has announced a HAWX contest on the PlayStation Blog, to quote:

Ubisoft wants to help you achieve the fullest flight experience possible with Tom Clancy's HAWX, and is giving you the opportunity to walk away with a brand-new Saitek Aviator Flight Stick compatible with your PLAYSTATION 3 console.

All you have to do is take advantage of the awesome new YouTube upload feature incorporated in Tom Clancy's HAWX - exclusively on PLAYSTATION 3 consoles.

Check out the contest, upload a cool video of you playing HAWX to YouTube, and enter to win! It's that simple. Deadline for submission is March 31st at 11:59PM.

Good luck to all, and for more information along with the official rules and details click here.

Sony: Developers Unrealistic About PS3 Price Cuts

Sony: Developers Unrealistic About PS3 Price Cuts 50°
311w ago - Sony Computer Entertainment of America marketing boss Peter Dille has suggested that recent developers calling for PS3 price cuts are being unrealistic.

Chatting with Bloomberg, Dille joked everyone in the dev community would love for the PS3 to be free so that they could just sell razor blades.

To quote: "Everybody in the development community would love for the PS3 to be free, so they could just sell razor blades," Dille joked, explaining that Sony have to make the console profitable, as well as growing the userbase.

Dille was responding to increasing pressure on the platform holder to cut costs, after EA Sports boss Peter Moore became the latest industry figure to hint that further price cuts were needed.

Despite these clamours, the Sony big wig said that no PS3 price cut can be expected soon. Nintendo, meanwhile, are planning to raise The Price of the Wii in the UK next month.

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