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BlizzCast Episode 1 on First Week of January 50°
December 24, 2007 // 2:14 pm - Blizzard is spear-heading its approach to Community Fansites and fans in 2008. It's going full-throttle with a internal Developer video podcast which will bring you interviews with Starcraft 2 and Wrath of the Lich King developers, fansite community interaction with developers, as well as fansite Q&A on video.

The first BlizzCast episode will air online through Blizzard's Web site the first week of January. Fans will be able to submit questions to the developers through the fansites, who will forward the feedback to community managers: Karune and Nethaera. Fans may win some juicy Swag...


Rare: Banjo franchise possible on Xbox Live Arcade 50°
December 24, 2007 // 2:13 pm - Now here's definitely an interesting rumor for you to sip your morning coffee on. With so many gamers crying out for the Banjo franchise on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, some gamers are now starting to cry out for the Banjo franchise on the Xbox Live Arcade. In the last edition of the Rare Scribes (where gamers send in questions to Rare and they provide answers), one question asks Rare of the possibility of Banjo on the Xbox Live Arcade:

I'm absolutely SICK of people asking for Banjo-Kazooie on Virtual Console. Why the hell hasn't anyone thought of Banjo on Xbox Live Arcade!?...


Lost Planet: New Screenshots & Artwork 50°
December 24, 2007 // 1:59 pm - Capcom has released new images of it's upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, along with one new piece of artwork, shown above. Prepare to be shocked though, for once, an image doesn't have blue. Enjoy!

More screenshots can be seen at the link at the top of this story!


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway new gameplay footage 50°
December 24, 2007 // 1:59 pm - Over 7 minutes long new gameplay footage from Gearbox's highly anticipated WWII shooter.

It's all new footage showing of environments not yet seen in any other gameplay videos.

Video can be seen HERE, but the person talking about the game isn't in English. However, the video itself is in the English language.


Resistance 2 Trademarked by SCEA 50°
December 24, 2007 // 1:55 pm - You know that game you've been working on, with the WWII aliens? Well, if you were planning on calling it Resistance 2, then you'd better think again. Last week Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. filed to trademark the name Resistance 2.

Last month we reported that Resistance 2 was ready for it's pre-Alpha testing stage. Combined with the trademark information, what does this mean exactly? Just that there is a likely chance for a sequel to Resistance. It does not verify the game exists, but does provide good evidence that Insomniac Games is working on a sequel.


Guitar Hero 3 is broken 50°
December 24, 2007 // 1:53 pm - Sad but true folks. A design flaw with the new Les Paul controller means that it may be almost impossible to grab all of the achievements from the Xbox 360 version. And the PS3 version? It suffers the same problems apparently.

I've been a huge fan of the Guitar Hero series since it arrived on the 360 back in April this year. Incredibly frustrating to begin with, I soon learned that the only way to progress was the learn how to use the controller correctly. The Gibson X-Plorer guitar is possibly one of the most sturdy gaming peripherals I've ever owned, having been used daily since...


Hands On: Tales of Symphonia 50°
December 23, 2007 // 11:58 am - Thirty minutes into the start of the Jump Festa event on Saturday over at the Makuhari Messe just outside Tokyo, lines for the new Tales of Symphonia game reached ninety-minutes, and never looked back. Waiting that long to play a game for a few minutes is usually a drag, but we didn't have too many qualms about getting an early first chance at the sequel to one of the GameCube's biggest RPGs.

Bandai Namco had Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatoskr, as the game is titled over in Japan, set up for play in eight kiosks, using a demo that was specially prepared for the Jump Festa event....


Hands On: Phantasy Star Portable 50°
December 23, 2007 // 11:56 am - Phantasy Star Portable may have just been announced a few weeks back, but judging by what we saw today at the Jump Festa event in Tokyo, the game is quite far along in development. Sega put the game on playable display at the show, and we were sure to get in some play time before the typically long Phantasy Star lines developed.

Sega had the game set up for four player wireless co-op play in a classic Phantasy Star Online-style field environment. Each player was given a Level 25 character loaded up with a variety of weapons, including swords and sword/gun combos.

The field...


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