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Rumor: Kingdom Hearts III in development for PS3, TGS-bound! 300°
August 31, 2008 // 7:23 pm - According to a rumor from the latest OPM, Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development as a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Interesting indeed...

To quote:

In it's rumor section, it mentions the fact that Kingdom Hearts III is in development for the PS3 and will be at TGS.

The exact quote being:

"Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development as a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at TGS."


Final Fantasy IV TGS trailer released 50°
October 2, 2007 // 11:12 am - Square Enix has released the Final Fantasy IV trailer that was shown at TGS 2007. The trailer features breath-taking cut-scenes from the game and classic Japanese voices. This remake is definitely one of Square Enix's best.

» Watch trailer at YouTube

» Download trailer


TGS '07 Preview: Assassin's Creed for PS3 50°
September 23, 2007 // 5:10 pm - Starting outside a crowd of villagers standing around an enemy on a horse, the opening cinema for this demo had the player walking around in what is essentially a cut-scene that keeps you in control. This basically showed how there are going to be slower-paced sections of the game where story sequences pop up as you walk around. Neat enough, though a bit less than exciting in Japanese...

One of the key complaints post-E3 has been Assassin's Creed looks great when you watch the developers demonstrate the game, but it feels awkward when you jump in and try to run around and fight/avoid...


TGS '07: Kojima speaks 50°
September 23, 2007 // 5:07 pm - Metal Gear Solid series director gives more details on PS3 stealth-actioner, reveals Metal Gear Online starter pack will be included in game.

Director Hideo Kojima appeared on stage at Konami's booth and started off by talking about the new bosses in MGS4. Although they were revealed to the press last month, this is the first time that Kojima directly showed them off to the public himself.

"In the first Metal Gear Solid, we featured a special forces unit that consisted of elite active soldiers," he explained. "In MGS2, we needed an even stronger team, and after a while...


TGS '07: Cosplayers come out and play 50°
September 23, 2007 // 4:59 pm - One of the highlights of every TGS is the creative costumes that cosplayers come up with, and this year was absolutely no exception. On the public days, cosplayers can be found in the wild hanging out in between halls three and four. The minute they start to strike a pose, a horde of fans descend to take their picture, asking them to strike a variety of different poses, and taking up to five minutes to shoot to ensure that they have images of the outfits from every conceivable angle.

Naturally, the majority of the crowd being male, the longest queues were for the ladies, although there...


TGS '07: The masses overrun the Messe 50°
September 23, 2007 // 4:55 pm - The third day of the Tokyo Game Show is the first day that the doors of the Makuhari Messe open to the public. During the prior 48 hours, admittance to the suburban convention centre was reserved solely for members of the media and industry insiders with clout enough to gain entrée.

GameSpot's temporary Tokyo HQ on the 46th floor of the plush Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hotel had a bird's eye view of attendees massing in front of the convention centre hours before it opened. The line's size began to swell around 7 a.m., eventually stretching all the way around the Messe's extensive circumference--five...


TGS '07: Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! Stage Show Report 50°
September 23, 2007 // 4:52 pm - Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan takes place in feudal Japan in 1605, when men's strength was gauged by their skill with a sword. But after the Tokugawa Shogunate unified the country with a victory at the famous battle of Sekigahara, peace prevailed throughout the nation and marked the end to the samurai's era. Japan entered into a new period where money was stronger than the sword. The samurai were no longer the powerful men that they once were, and they struggled get by, yearning for their glorious days in the past.

In the game, you'll take the role of one such fallen man named Kazumanosuke...


TGS '07: Metal Gear Online Hands-On 50°
September 21, 2007 // 11:54 am - The core gameplay here will be quite familiar to Subsistence players, as you still run around and shoot in third-person much like in the single-player MGS games. Gone is the stilted, immobile first-person aiming mode, though. In fact, the controls and basic shooting mechanics are lifted right out of Metal Gear Solid 4, the gameplay improvements of which we detailed in our hands-on report yesterday. So here you'll use the triangle button to perform a lot of environmental interactions, like vaulting over obstacles and backing up against flat surfaces to take cover.

More importantly,...


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