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Review of Sony's PlayStation Home for the PlayStation 3 Console 500°
December 12, 2008 // 8:59 pm - To start off, I would like to say that overall I like PlayStation Home for PS3, but I did find quite a few gripes about the overall scheme of things.

The Problems:
The biggest problem I have is the Hard Drive space it uses. When I first downloaded it and saw the "77MB" Download, I was relieved to find out that it only used a small amount of space. Not true, after downloading it asks you to "Dedicate 3 GB of storage to home".

I didn't have a problem with this so much, but to my surprise almost immediately when you start it uses a good chuck of that space....


Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for PlayStation 2 300°
December 10, 2008 // 12:16 am - If you're an RPG fan, you can't help but admit that Atlus is on a serious roll when it comes to fantastic gaming experiences on the PlayStation 2.

Last year, Atlus released Persona 3, which was an excellent RPG revolving around high school students, monsters known as Shadows and a mysterious time of day known as the "Dark Hour." It was an incredibly deep title, thanks to the mix of social interactions and dungeon crawling, and was one of the better games released last year.

Then, further improving on Persona 3, Atlus released Persona 3: FES earlier this year, a director's...


Review: Left 4 Dead for XBox 360 is Dastardly Directed 50°
December 2, 2008 // 9:19 pm - They're bum rushing again; a cascade of gnawing, screaming, snarling, sicken bodies fly through every open crevasse of a charming little house that has become a barricade of fortitude against the undead.

All this because one of our token heroes made a last minute smash and grab for some ammo, broke up the typecast quartet, and was welcomed by a sludge of zombie pheromone vomit to the face.

If Half-Life and its sequel spelled the advent of the videogame sense of the cinematic, capturing the filmic while never using its exact form, then Left 4 Dead runs with developer Valve's...


Review: Netflix on Microsoft's XBox 360 Disappoints 200°
November 23, 2008 // 2:08 am - At the risk of sounding like a forum troll, I have to say, I'm not too impressed with the implementation of Netflix on Xbox 360.

The service, which is available to Xbox Live and Netflix -subscribers, allows you to stream movies to your TV via your Xbox 360, and on paper, it sounds ingenious.

Indeed, that's why I -- along with many others -- was so excited when Microsoft announced this forthcoming feature way back at E3 in July. Unfortunately, Netflix for Xbox Live users is now here, and it's not all it was cracked up to be.

For starters, the selection of...


Review: Sony Wireless Keypad for PlayStation 3 300°
November 21, 2008 // 8:45 pm - IGN (linked above) has posted its review of the official Sony wireless keypad for the PlayStation 3, and seems to have a problem with its general design more than anything.

They note that the biggest issue is the top mounted nature of it, but essentially QWERTY keypads for game controllers don't really work that well and its probably best to pick up a microphone and talk.

To quote: But regardless of the poor touch support and ill-advised key design, the biggest issue I had with the Wireless Keypad is that Sony opted to design it as a top mounted add-on. I don't want to...


Review: 80GB PlayStation 3 is a Superb Gaming Console! 300°
November 19, 2008 // 7:20 pm - There's general agreement that Sony stumbled out of the gate with the PlayStation 3. Months of intense hype were followed by a late launch (fully a year after the Xbox 360) and a staggering $600 price tag for the deluxe model.

Even worse, the PS3 didn't initially have any real must-have exclusive titles, and despite the power of its vaunted Cell processor, multiplatform games from third-party developers didn't look appreciably better than the respective titles on the Xbox 360.

Since then, the company's been modifying the PlayStation product line to better fit the competitive...


Review: Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3 300°
November 10, 2008 // 9:28 pm - Two years after the initial release of Resistance: Fall of Man Insomniac Games brings us the second installment of Resistance.

The game has been hyped as being bigger and better in every way. Now that the game is finally out, does it stand up to the hype machine or leave players aching for just a little bit more?

Resistance 2 picks up right where the first game left off. Nathan Hale is rescued and brought back to the states where the Chimera has refocused their attacks in huge numbers. In a sense HUGE is the word to describe Resistance 2.

Everything about...


Review: Three Speech's Apnomis on LittleBigPlanet for PS3 100°
November 5, 2008 // 9:04 pm - Today Sony's semi-official blog ThreeSpeech has made available a LittleBigPlanet review by a 'regular' there who goes by Apnomis.

In tune with many other recent LBP reviews, it appears Media Molecule's hit is still winning fans over in a big way.

To quote: Apnomis gave us his thoughts on LBP in a thread earlier today as follows:

"I was scared that LBP wouldn't live up to the hype, I needn't have worried - it's absolutely brilliant!!!

It's one of the best designed and most enjoyable FUN experience I've had on a console in years! There's...


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