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Halo brought to life on PS3 via UT3 Map

Halo brought to life on PS3 via UT3 Map 50°
372w ago - Zubren has brought a taste of Halo to Unreal Tournament 3 with the creation of the Halo map named DM-Wizard. However, he states that he has conducted a total re-make and none of the original Halo materials have been used in his version map.

PS3 Download: North American / European / German

This was a great close quarters map and I felt it would be right at home with Unreal Tournament 3. This also has full bot pathing so you can play singleplayer without having to find a server with someone hosting this map.

This is a remake from scratch, none of the materials from the original Halo have been used in this map.

Microsoft hit with $5 million lawsuit over Halo 3, X-Box 360 problems

Microsoft hit with $5 million lawsuit over Halo 3, X-Box 360 problems 50°
379w ago - The Bungie-developed Halo 3 is designed to be hand-in-glove compatible with the Xbox 360, right? A federal lawsuit filed against Microsoft and Bungie last week attempts to throw some serious doubt into the mix. The suit alleges that Halo 3 "routinely, consistently, and systematically 'froze,' 'crashed,' or 'locked up.'"

The suit then claims that these issues "disrupted game play," which, if these issues are as terrible or widespread as the suit alleges, is an understatement. The plaintiff, Randy Nunez, is seeking seeking class-action status along with $5 million in damages plus costs and attorneys' fees.

The suit claims that "many consumers" have these issues, making their console "totally inoperable." The court papers cite "industry Internet websites, weblogs, and message boards" to prove that this issue is a common one. It also alleges that Microsoft and Bungie have "received numerous complaints" from consumers on their phone lines and service forums without admitting these alleged Halo 3 issues to the public.

Halo 3 Evolves as Heroic Map Pack is Announced

Halo 3 Evolves as Heroic Map Pack is Announced 50°
380w ago - Microsoft has announced that a new Heroic Map Pack will be released for Halo 3 for 800 Microsoft Points on December 11th. Bungie even sent along some renders of the maps for you to check out.

Attention Spartans!

The internationally award-winning "Halo 3" multiplayer experience is about to get even better. After launching to incredible acclaim and fanaticism, "Halo 3" players will be able to enjoy three all new multiplayer maps on Dec. 11 as part of the Heroic Map Pack, the first in a series of downloadable content from Bungie Studios to come via Xbox LIVE.

Available for 800 Microsoft Points exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, each map presents a totally different play style. Standoff's symmetrical valley, with its entrenched bases and fields of boulders is ideal for mid-sized objective and Slayer game types, while Rat's Nest's vast, labyrinthine passages bring something new to the "Halo" multiplayer experience: an indoor vehicle paradise, strongly influenced by the Campaign mode, ideal for big team battles. Finally, Foundry is the ultimate Forge map - players can edit every single object in this voluminous industrial warehouse, place stairways, walls, bridges and tunnels to create an entirely new play space and build almost any kind of map they can think of.

McFarlane planning lots of Halo figures in 2008

McFarlane planning lots of Halo figures in 2008 50°
383w ago - Good old Toddy McFarlane and his entrepreneurial spirit, always taking ideas to the next level and always willing to saturate a retail channel. It's something we value in a person more than good will or kindness. And his ambitious nature is spreading into the previously announced Halo 3 figures he's creating, because we're getting lots of 'em.

According to official product launch dates over at Spawn.com, the McFarlane Halo 3 figures we've all known about will launch sometime in March 2008, but there will be other series' coming later in the year. Series two is scheduled to land at retail a few months later in June 2008 including such highlights as ODST, Drone, Mongoose and Wraith figures. Series three is planned for an August 2008 release and includes figures like a Human Flood, Brute Captain, Banshee and Scorpion. That's not all, August will also bring a special 12" Master Chief figure and October 2008 will see the release of three highly stylized figures. Wowzaz! And for easier digestion, we posted a list of figures, release dates and a series breakdown below.

Good old McFarlane, we knew you wouldn't let us down.

Halo 3 Series 1 (March 2008)
- Master Chief (red paint variant)
- Cortana
- Brute Chieftain
- Jackal Sniper
- Grunt
- Spartan Soldier

CPL announces $1 million Halo 3 tournament

CPL announces $1 million Halo 3 tournament 50°
384w ago - In a huge step for pro gaming, the Cyberathlete Professional League has announced today they will be giving away $1 million in total prize money for an open Halo 3 competition at the Extreme Winter Championships taking place Tuesday, Dec. 18 to Saturday, Dec. 22 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas, Texas.

CPL founder Angel Munoz gave GGL all the details on this monumental tournament for the year's hottest-selling game, the Xbox 360's Halo 3. Here is official word from the CPL regarding the announcement and how anyone can take part:

­The Cyberathlete Professional League® (CPL®) announces that it will host a $1,000,000 "Halo® 3″ Xbox 360â„¢ competition at the Extreme Winter Championships taking place Tuesday, December 18 to Saturday, December 22, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas, Texas.

The winner of the $1,000,000 "Halo 3″ Xbox 360 competition will receive a $250,000 instant cash payout at the CPL Winter event. Other prizes will be paid to at least 64 places. The competition is open to gamers worldwide and does not require pre-qualification or previous tournament experience.

The online registration will open Tuesday, October 30th. More information will be available on Monday, October 29th at Halo3Competition.com

For information on travel...

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