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Microsoft creating Home rival? 50°
October 15, 2007 // 7:39 pm - According to reports, Microsoft E&D GM Daniel Schiappa has hinted that a PlayStation Home-like virtual world will be coming to Xbox 360 within the next year.

According to Team Xbox, the Entertainment and Devices boss turned up on stage at the Virtual Worlds Conference And Expo in San Jose and stated: " next year, you'll probably know more about why I'm up here." Oo-eer.

Speaking to CVG earlier this year, fellow Microsoft suit Chris Satchell said that Sony's Home incorporated a lot of ideas that Xbox 360 originated, perhaps suggesting that its own MMO-style virtual...


Vii meets Wii 50°
October 13, 2007 // 9:34 pm - Just in case you thought this whole Vii thing was one big prank, guess again. Engadget Chinese managed to scrounge up one of these clones and put it toe-to-toe with its idol. Needless to say, Nintendo's unit tends to demand quite a bit more respect, but why not take a look at their gallery and see how the two really stack up.

View more pics here.


UTD study looks at girls and video games 50°
October 13, 2007 // 8:58 pm - UTD study finds video-game market isn't reaching girls. Girls want to play video games. But boys aren't interested in making the games that girls want to play. Those are the basic findings of a new study by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The analysts surveyed 43 mothers, along with 57 daughters between the ages of 7 and 20, in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and Utah.

The study, "Serious Games for IM Generation Girls," found that all of the girls and women surveyed had played computer or video games at some point, but only...


Q&A: Pandemic Studios on The EA Acquisition 50°
October 11, 2007 // 6:33 pm - To discuss the future of Pandemic Studios under EA management following this afternoon's announcement of its acquisition, Gamasutra spoke to the developer's management team, including co-founder and president Josh Resnick, co-founder and CEO Andrew Goldman, and chief production officer Greg Borrud.

This conversation touches on the future of Pandemic's development style, its integration with EA and its expectations for the future of the development studio and its IP:

How were you consulted on this acquisition before it went through?

Josh Resnick: Consulted...?...


160GB Playstation 3 model coming?! 50°
October 5, 2007 // 11:02 pm - Thanks to one of our reliable insiders, [-JuNka-], we have news that Sony is planning to introduce a beefed up 160GB Playstation 3 console. The following post was left by a member on the Pro Evolution Soccer forums:

From inside Sony Computer Entertainment International's Japan offices I present to you leaked information on the new 160gb Playstation 3 model that will be appearing in the near future

Sony PlayStation 3 Code: CECHG06 (SPECIFICATION)

* 160gb 2.5 SATA 5400rpm HDD
* CELL Broadband Engine (65nm process) @ 3.2ghz
* PPU x1, SPE x8


Random Rant (Two of Two): The Music Industry and Artists 50°
September 30, 2007 // 1:24 pm - From Seija's Blog on PS3News Forums

Here's post two of two. This time I'm ranting about the music industry and artists and how stupid some of the songs can be.

I wanted to talk about how pathetic the music industry is now. When I say pathetic, I mean there are really (in my opinion) bad songs out now. Like seriously, when there's a rapper on the radio going "AY BAY BAY, BAY BAY BAY," you know there's something wrong. I'm sure there are some people who like this song, but (no offense or anything), there's no real meaning or FEELING in the song.


Nvidia Readies New “Ultimate” Technology for Gamers 50°
September 29, 2007 // 11:33 pm - Nvidia Corp. not only plans to refresh its lineup of performance graphics accelerators this year, but also intends to introduce its 3-way SLI multi-GPU technology aiming extreme performance enthusiasts. But will the new triple SLI technology truly become a high-performance solution, or will share the destiny of Nvidia quad SLI?

According to a slide published by Expreview web-site, which is presumably from Nvidia Corp.'s roadmap, 3-way SLI is Nvidia's new "ultimate gaming platform", which will offer ultimate performance in three-dimensional games. ATI, graphics product group of...


NPD: US game industry could hit $18B in '07 50°
September 14, 2007 // 1:30 pm - Yesterday, the NPD Group reported that nearly 1 billion dollars of game software, hardware, and accessories were sold in the US in August. Year to date, combined US non-PC sales for 2007 totaled $8.02 billion, up $2.42 billion from $5.6 billion during the same period in 2006. The year's first eight months saw consumers in the 50 states buy $3.1 billion in hardware, $3.8 billion in software, and $1.1 billion in accessories.

The August NPD report beat analysts' expectations, and made many optimistic about the forthcoming holiday season. No one is more upbeat than NPD's own Anita Frazier,...


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