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PS3 Home BETA Entry Theme and New Video Available 50°
August 6, 2008 // 4:17 pm - With the recent news of Closed Home BETA applications open for Japan (deadline August 11th), many including masterfrost12345 have installed the PlayStation 3 Home BETA Entry Theme which is available HERE.

Below is another...


Official Custom Theme Converter v1.2.0.0 for PSP out! 50°
December 19, 2007 // 9:11 am - Following the recent firmware 3.80 release, Sony has updated its custom theme creation utility to version The update is relatively minor, adding support for editing the Internet Radio icon found in 3.80.

Download: PSP Custom Theme Converter v1.2.0.0 / User Guide

Note that themes built with this version of the Custom Theme converter are not backwards compatible with Firmware older than 3.80.


PS3 Theme Creator v1.6 released! 50°
December 18, 2007 // 3:39 pm - A.R.K. has updated PS3 Theme Creator today! Changes and download are available below, as follows:

Download: PS3 Theme Creator v1.6


1. Fixed problem related to p3tcompiler and p3textractor.
2. No need for images to be in 1 directory.
3. Load .p3t files directly into the app.
4. Organized directory structure so user knows where all content is.
5. Added 'Favorite Themes' for easy access to favorite themes for quick editing.
6. Support for upto 16...


PS3 Theme Extractor v0.12 out now! 50°
December 12, 2007 // 10:18 pm - Anoop Menon has updated PS3 Theme Extractor once again, this time with some help for Mac users... details below.

Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.12 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.12 SRC [Linux]

12/12/07 -0.12- Added support to save GIM files as PPM if Python Imaging Library support is not detected. This can be useful for Mac users that are having trouble installing the library.


PlayStation 3 Theme Builder v2.1 released! 50°
December 11, 2007 // 2:09 pm - Sbcroix has updated PS3 Theme Builder today! As always, changes are detailed below:

Download: PS3 Theme Builder v2.1

  • Added Support for including Sound effects into your theme.
  • Added XMB background to the previews.
  • Added color to the previews.
  • Fixed German / Spanish bug causing the update dialog to always display.
  • Fixed Pointer Icon Delete button.
  • Fixed Background Set Add button (it's now consistent).
  • Fixed assembly version. The...

  • Comments

    PS3 Theme Extractor v0.11 released! 50°
    December 9, 2007 // 1:20 am - Anoop Menon has updated PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker once again today! As always, changes are detailed below:

    Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.11 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.11 SRC [Linux]

    12/08/07 -0.11- Added support to extract sound files from themes.


    PS3 Theme Extractor v0.10 released! 50°
    December 7, 2007 // 7:21 pm - Anoop Menon has updated PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker today, with the following changes detailed below:

    Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.10 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.10 SRC [Linux]

    12/07/07 -0.10- Some icons whose width was not a multiple of 4 were being extracted incorrectly and ended up looking skewed. This has now been fixed (thx to FluBBa for pointing out the cause).


    PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker v0.9 released! 50°
    December 6, 2007 // 3:30 pm - Anoop Menon has updated PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker to v0.9 today, with the following changes:

    Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.9 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.9 SRC [Linux]

    12/06/07 -0.9- dragging and dropping a p3t file onto the executable now works in Windows (thx to Matt Endersby for reporting the issue).

    In addition, the default extracted path is now extracted.theme filename in the current working directory...


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