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Rumor: CycloWiz v3.0b Firmware for Wii Dumped!

380w ago - Although not confirmed just yet, it appears Spanish hackers (a friend of Glicer) have dumped the CycloWiz v3.0b Firmware via f10 Flasher/Programmer for the Wii. A roughly-translated Tutorial is also available along with the (6) Firmware file dumps below.

Download: CycloWiz 3.0b Firmware Dump

From the ReadMe:

| Readme.txt
| CycloWizLog_V3.0B_D2B_PAL.asm


New DS Lite model "rumor and speculation"

380w ago - Nintendo has responded to an analyst's claims that it has completed work on a new version of its DS Lite handheld, maintaining that it is "rumor and speculation and we are not commenting further."

Evan Wilson, from Pacific Crest Securities, is quoted in a GameSpot report as saying that the new model was "thinner, has on-board storage, and larger screens," and would lose the GBA port to accommodate the changes.

The report continued that any new version of the hardware wouldn't be unveiled for some time, "until sales begin to tail off in all three major geographies."

While Nintendo has a history of periodically refreshing its handheld consoles, such as the GameBoy Advance and also the DS, it's possible that a new edition may come as some point, but the company is refusing to be drawn further for now.

Rumor: New v2.00 PS3 update kills GT4 backwards compatibility

381w ago - According to Guy Legend, a busy thread on the official PlayStation forums which had multiple people stating that the new firmware update for PS3 has killed backwards compatibility with GT4 has been mysteriously removed.

To quote: Apparently on the PlayStation boards there was a thread (which suddenly vanished without a trace) that the new 2.00 update has killed the 80 gb's BC with Gran Turismo 4. Multiple people said that the game would no longer work.

Ugh, anyone here able to try it? I assume if made aware, they would fix this in the next update...

First Images of Legendary Firmware 2.0!

382w ago - Dying to see what the new firmware update 2.0 looks like? Check this out! Hopefully this will quench your thirst for a couple days until it is released!

You've been waiting for it. Firmware 2.00 is finally coming out this week: tomorrow, to be precise. This update, which has been a year in the making, was supposed to herald a new era of functionality for PS3. Many expected in-game XMB, additional video codecs, and more. However, we're saddened to say that none of that made the cut for this update. Here's what you'll be seeing tomorrow:

Remote Start - As hinted by the last PSP firmware update, Remote Play has been enhanced with a brand new feature. Using Remote Start, PSP owners will be able to turn on and access their PS3's content from any wi-fi hotspot. For example, while vacationing, you may find out about an excellent Thursday Store update. You'll be able to turn on your PS3 and start downloading content to your PS3 while you're away. When you're done, you can turn the system off as well.

Information Board - On the upper right-hand corner of the XMB, you'll see a scrolling list of headlines, hand-picked by Sony. Currently, these will all be related to video games and PlayStation. If a specific headline is particularly interesting, PS3 owners will be able to access Information...

Price Drop: Sub-$200 HD DVD Player from Toshiba?

384w ago - Just a year-and-a-half since they launched, high-definition players are breaching the $200 barrier. If reports on the Web are correct, HD DVD is poised to break the $200 mark before the holidays. Toshiba has told me there's no official pricing moves with regard to their MSRP; however, reports on the Web indicate Wal-Mart may be prepping to sell a $198 HD DVD player.

If so, this is a significant and aggressive move in favor of Toshiba and the HD DVD format: They would be delivering what--up until now--only a no-name manufacturer based in Hong Kong has promised. And even then, Venturer Electronics has yet to release its $199 HD DVD player to market.

Given the need for frequent firmware updates, a player such as the one posited from Venturer gave reason for concern: Would a company like Venturer, which outsources its technical support, be able to stay on top of the updates required as HD DVD discs evolve? Toshiba getting there is a whole other story, though: That's a big gun going out to the masses--complete with established and experienced technical support. Toshiba playing at the sub-$200 level makes the cheap high-def player far more interesting--even if that player is "only" capable of outputting at 1080i resolution (a drawback considering the movie content is presented at 1080p; HDTVs can deinterlace...
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