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Sony's Video Game Line-Up for GamesCom 2009 is Unveiled

290w ago - Although it's still a tentative list, Dutch site PS3Life.nl (linked above) have reported on Sony's (and some other developers) video game line-up for the Games Convention Developers Conference 2009.

For those curious, the festival for gamers known as GamesCom takes place this year from August 19-23 in Cologne, and was previously held in Leipzig.

Line-ups, to quote:


• Heavy Rain
• Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
• God of War III
• EyePet
• Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time
• SingStar
• Buzz!
• White Knight Chronicles
• DC Universe Online
• Gran Turismo (PSP)
• Invizimals (PSP)
• MotorStorm: Arctic Edge (PSP)
• LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
• Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PSP)
• SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 (PSP)
• Gravity Crash (and more PSN games)
• VidZone (APP)
• PlayStation Home (APP)
• PSP Go (APP)

Namco Bandai

• Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3)
• Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo (Wii)
• Katamari Forever (PLAYSTATION 3)
• NARUTO Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising (PSP)
• SOULCALIBUR: Broken...

Video: R4i on DSi Firmware v1.4, Protection Cracked Already?!

290w ago - Today YouTube user GBAtempDotNet has posted a video (which appears to have surfaced from Chinese site Youku.com) demonstrating the R4i on Nintendo DSi version 1.4 Firmware.

It seems the recent Nintendo DSi System Update that was reported to block flash carts has already been cracked... with a DSi flash cart successfully working on the new firmware!

Those interested can check out the video below, and the caption reads as follows:

R4i running on DSi firmware 1.4 by R4i Team


Video: Guitar Hero 5 Rockfest Multiplayer Trailer is Available

290w ago - A new video trailer is available showcasing Guitar Hero 5's new Rockfest Multiplayer in action.

Alongside it are some details from Producer Brian Bright, who described it as "a suite of new multiplayer game types in Guitar Hero 5 that can be played individually or in teams."

These different games can be strung together in a "playlist" so that each round of multiplayer involves a different goal. The "Rockfest" games include:

•"Momentum," in which all players start at medium difficulty, which increases with every 20-note streak and decreases with three missed notes.

•"Streakers," in which points are awarded only for consecutive notes in multiples of ten. "One point for the first 10 note streak, two for reaching 20, three for 30, and so on."
•"Perfectionist," in which each section of a song is scored by percentage of correct notes, with the top player receiving four points, the next best player receiving two, and third place receiving one.
•"Do or Die," which knocks a player out for the remainder of a section for missing three notes (otherwise known as the "Not Fun" variant).
•"Elimination," in which low-scoring players are eliminated...

Video: Qore Episode 15 - MAG, Sigma 2, Tekken 6 and Katamari

290w ago - PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has unveiled Qore Episode 15 today, which features MAG, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Tekken 6 and Katamari Forever as follows:

After seeing MAG in action, we're certain you'll be just as impressed with its scope as we are. But the US isn't the only place to find great games, of course– Veronica Belmont and Audrey Cleo visited Japan this month to see what other games are coming our way.

Unprecedented Action
If anyone can pull off a 256-player online shooter, it's got to be the developer behind the PlayStation's SOCOM franchise. Learn more about this upcoming PS3 exclusive and see how good Veronica is at taking orders...

Ninja Hijinx
Tecmo's Team Ninja has added three new playable female characters, new bosses and an online co-op mode to make the latest game a new experience for PS3 owners. Veronica talks to the game's director about what it took to make the definitive Ninja Gaiden title.

Tekken it to the Next Level
Namco's storied fighting franchise returns to the current generation of consoles with a new online co-op "scenario campaign" mode. Audrey Cleo visits Namco Bandai's headquarters to see the greatest...

Video: PlayStation Eye Chat - Critter Crunch for PSN

290w ago - Sony's Social Media Senior Specialist Chris Morell has shared a PlayStation Eye Chat video today on Critter Crunch for PSN.

To quote: When you last saw Critter Crunch, it was probably at E3 when Capybara's Nathan Vella walked us through the game's basics on the show floor.

Well Nathan is back, along with fellow Capy compadre Kris Piotrowski, to talk much more in-depth about Critter Crunch. Specifically, the duo describes the puzzle game's versus/co-op modes and their power-ups, how the foodchain mechanic works and the robust single-player adventure more. Plus, there's nice chunk of in-game footage included in the video.

And yes, there's plenty more barf, too. Strategic, rainbow-colored barf, if you will.

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