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World Of Warcraft Mr. T TV ad! 50°
November 21, 2007 // 4:24 pm - Uploaded courtesy of greekgamers, it's nice to see Mr. T doing what he does best- R.I.P. The A-Team :P

PS: Props to CJPC for the link! I pity the fool...

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X-Box 360 Arcade finds a shelf in the wild! 50°
October 14, 2007 // 6:02 pm - Well, would you look at that. A Target store in Haverhill, MA has one of those Xbox 360 Arcade getups we've heard a thing or two about lately. If our eyes don't deceive us, that blurry pricetag is showing off a $280 pricetag, which isn't too surprising no matter how exciting a $250 tag would've been. Who knows how much more evidence it's going to take for Microsoft to finally fess up to this one, but we're enjoying the spy shots while they last.

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First actual pictures of Xbox 360 Arcade bundle leaked, with packing list 50°
October 11, 2007 // 11:14 pm - Here it is, straight from our super-secret inside source. A few things are now confirmed: the system will come with a composite cable, both the system and the controller are still white, and a Pac-Man and Uno game are coming with the system. Old news for us, but it's good to have confirmation. From the fact that the system isn't plugged in and is glowing green we can deduce the new hardware is a zombie, but at least won't red ring out of the box. All good information to have.

If this launches at the $279.99 price point that we're being told to expect, it's going to be a very attractive...

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