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Atlus Brings 2D PlayStation 2 Fighter Arcana Heart To U.S. 50°
January 31, 2008 // 5:19 pm - Publisher Atlus has announced it will be continue to support the still-strong PlayStation 2 by bringing 2D all-girl fighter Arcana Heart to the North America this April.

Sporting four different modes including arcade, story, versus, and training, as well as an unlockable extras gallery, the game centers around elemental spirits from called Arcana which particular humans can call upon.

Players will fight to keep "the mysterious Mildred Avalon" from forming a rift between the human and spiritual world to "prevent her from bringing an end to all humanity."



Producer Talk Tekken 6 At Taipei Game Show 50°
January 30, 2008 // 8:42 pm - If there is one 3D fighting game that I must buy, it's always the Tekken series, Tekken in chinese sounds much cooler than Virtua Fighter and I thought the character design was awesome as well. Katsuhiro Harada, series producer including latest entry, Tekken 6, was at Taipei Game Show 2008 last weekend on SCET's (SCE Taiwan) invitation and talk to visitors about life and the game itself.

While there is no further news on Tekken 6, it's good to know that the developers are quite deep into porting the arcade version to the PS3 and the online mechanisms being worked on. Harada also...


Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds coming March 50°
January 23, 2008 // 2:28 pm - Sony have announced a new Hot Shots golf title coming to North America this March for the PS3 called Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds.

The next edition in the wacky golf series promises new shot mechanism, nifty soundtrack, new characters, game tips, and online play. The visuals are looking pretty nifty and nothing like we've been used to in older versions of the game.

To quote: As many of you may know, the Hot Shots Golf franchise has had many a player hitting the green for some of the most fun and wacky golf action around. Now for the first time, we are bringing this...


StarCraft 2 Delayed until 2009 500°
December 28, 2007 // 11:11 am - Source from anonymous Activision Blizzard tells me that Starcraft 2 for pc which was supposed to come out Oct. of 2007 originally then in 2008 was pushed back to 2009.

This delay was caused by the recent merger of two companies.

I know it stinks, but this source tells me that this game got a overhaul since the beta and looks so much different.


Tekken 6 intro now available! 50°
November 30, 2007 // 8:02 pm - Things were never this bad with the Jaguarador..

Video can be seen here:


World Of Warcraft Mr. T TV ad! 50°
November 21, 2007 // 3:24 pm - Uploaded courtesy of greekgamers, it's nice to see Mr. T doing what he does best- R.I.P. The A-Team :P

PS: Props to CJPC for the link! I pity the fool...


X-Box 360 Arcade finds a shelf in the wild! 50°
October 14, 2007 // 4:02 pm - Well, would you look at that. A Target store in Haverhill, MA has one of those Xbox 360 Arcade getups we've heard a thing or two about lately. If our eyes don't deceive us, that blurry pricetag is showing off a $280 pricetag, which isn't too surprising no matter how exciting a $250 tag would've been. Who knows how much more evidence it's going to take for Microsoft to finally fess up to this one, but we're enjoying the spy shots while they last.


First actual pictures of Xbox 360 Arcade bundle leaked, with packing list 50°
October 11, 2007 // 9:14 pm - Here it is, straight from our super-secret inside source. A few things are now confirmed: the system will come with a composite cable, both the system and the controller are still white, and a Pac-Man and Uno game are coming with the system. Old news for us, but it's good to have confirmation. From the fact that the system isn't plugged in and is glowing green we can deduce the new hardware is a zombie, but at least won't red ring out of the box. All good information to have.

If this launches at the $279.99 price point that we're being told to expect, it's going to be a very attractive...


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