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EyePet Brings Virtual Monchichis to PlayStation 3, Trailer Available

340w ago - Sony's Games Convention press conference saw the announcement of one brand new and rather interesting title, one that takes advantage of the PlayStation Eye in impressive new ways.

EyePet, a virtual pet game for the PlayStation 3, lets players customize and interact with the "simian-like" titular beast, a furry digital companion that responds to user commands via the camera accessory.

EyePet takes advantage of technology we've seen previously in PS3 demos, allowing users to draw and scan in objects that the in-game creature will play with. The EyePet is said to remember objects it is shown and modify its behavior for objects that it is unfamiliar with.

Announced only for PAL markets so far, EyePet is said to ship in late 2009, giving us ample time to learn more about it.

Press Release: What makes a pet real? Introducing EyePet, the virtual pet that follows your every movement and command...

Leipzig Games Convention, 20th August 2008: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) introduced the availability of EyePet for PAL region. It won't make a mess on the floor or claw at the curtains - EyePet is the ultimate pet for modern living. Forget the hamsters and guinea pigs and get the perfect first pet for kids and adults alike....

Video: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Trailer Available

340w ago - PlayStation Now reports that the following KillZone 2 trailer is due to be shown tomorrow at GC 20008, so here it is that little bit earlier!

Courtesy of DailyMotion, the trailer video is available below.

Enjoy guys!


Video: New Walmart LittleBigPlanet Trailer Available

341w ago - Today a new LittleBigPlanet promotional Walmart trailer is available.

Courtesy of joystiq via YouTube, the video's caption reads as follows:

"The giant retailer also gets its own LBP trailer."

Video is below, enjoy all!


Crysis Wars: First Gameplay Trailer Available

341w ago - Today the first Crysis Wars gameplay trailer was made available. Its caption states the following:

"Crysis Wars is the multiplayer game that comes with Crysis Warhead. Here is the first trailer for the game, including some gameplay footage."

The video is below, and courtesy of GameTrailers.

Enjoy all.


Video: New LittleBigPlanet trailer available!

342w ago - Amazon.com is apparently in cahoots with SCEA in pushing Sony's up and coming exclusive LittleBigPlanet.

Earlier today, Amazon posted a new exclusive trailer of the game, showing some new possibilities, including a really impressive monster character and some vehicle ideas.

LittleBigPlanet is due out for the holiday season this October.

Check out the trailer here:

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