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XCM Eye Candy Chrome Shell for Nintendo DSi Unveiled! 50°
August 7, 2009 // 1:16 pm - Today we received word from the guys at of their new XCM Eye Candy Chrome Shell for the Nintendo DSi portable.

A few pictures of the replacement case are below, with the rest located on their XCM Eye Candy Chrome Shell page.

To quote: The XCM Eye Candy Chrome Shell for the NDSi handheld console is a unique aftermarket case that's sure to make your friends green with envy.

Made from extremely high quality plastic these cases will stand out in any crowd. To...

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XCM Unveils Clear XBox 360 Ben Q / Philips Drive Cover 250°
August 1, 2009 // 2:02 am - The guys at have unveiled their new XCM Clear XBox 360 Ben Q / Philips Drive Cover today, which replaces the original cover and allows you to see the disc spinning too.

Those who are fans of being able to see your game discs spin while playing can check out one of the official XCM Resellers to get yours.

Currently they are taking pre-orders, with the actual release being next week.

Some pictures of the XCM Benq / Philips XBox 360...

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XCM Black Light Case for XBox 360 Consoles is Now Available 50°
July 15, 2009 // 5:58 am - Today we received word from the folks at that their new XCM Black Light Case for XBox 360 consoles is now available.

A picture of them can be seen below, and to quote from their page:

XCM Black Light Case (built in HDMI port) - This case includes the XCM Chameleon Air Tube and pre-cut window, and can also be shipped in any color you like.

If you are seeking to get one, check out their XCM Resellers page for a...

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XCM Eye Candy Shells for the Nintendo DSi Console Available 50°
June 15, 2009 // 9:07 pm - We received word today from the folks at that their new XCM Eye Candy Shells for the Nintendo DSi are now available.

As pictured below, they come in Smooth Black, Smooth White, and Smooth Crystal.

If you are tired of your original Nintendo DSi color, these replacement shells are indeed the answer. The XCM "Smooth as Silk" series...

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XCM Eye-Candy Shells for Nintendo DSi Announced 100°
May 15, 2009 // 7:50 pm - It's barely been out, but the Nintendo DSi will soon be able to get some refreshing new colors from the XCM Team.

They will be releasing a number of new XCM Eye-Candy Shells for the Nintendo DSi in chrome, crystal, smooth black and smooth white.

To quote, from their page: Our replacement shell for NDSi console (XCM Eye-Candy shell) will be available soon, the first 4 colors will be Chrome, Crystal, Smooth Black and Smooth White.

More details to come as they are available, and a concept picture is...

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New XCM K.O. Gear PS3 Adapter Pics and Details Available 50°
May 9, 2009 // 11:05 pm - This weekend the folks over at sent word that they have some new pics and details available on the upcoming XCM K.O. Gear PS3 Adapter.

Check them out below, and the final feature list includes:

• Compatible with all PS3 consoles and models.
• Plug and play
• Support Rumble
• Built in Combo attack function on 5 Memory Buttons - Program up to 20 button combos to a single button to pull off devastating moves at will!
• Enables Rapid Fire / Turbo on Wired Xbox...

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XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick Actual Product Pictures Now Available 250°
April 19, 2009 // 2:34 pm - Just over a week ago we announced news of the XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick's arrival, and today we received some actual product pictures (below) from the XCM Team.

To recap, XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick features include:

•Built in Rumble function.(world first Rumble joystick compatible with PS3™ console)
•4 Memory Buttons - Program upto 20 button and joystick movement combos to a single button to pull...

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XCM PS3 Rumble Joystick & K.O. Gear Arrive, Cross Fire Ships! 200°
April 8, 2009 // 4:01 pm - Today we received word from folks over at of the following PS3-related product updates:

To begin, their PS3 XCM Rumble Joystick and K.O. Gear have just arrived and will be available soon... details on each below.

The XCM Cross Fire Converter which allows you to connect a PS3 Controller to your XBox 360 console has also been released today and is shipping.

XCM PS3...

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