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Want in the BETA for PlayStation Home? Download a PS3 Theme!

342w ago - The long-promised PlayStation Home BETA expansion is rolling out soon. How soon? Sony announced today (linked above) that users who download a Home branded PS3 theme from the PS Store will be automatically entered in for possible participation in the ongoing BETA program... similar to what is being done for Japan.

Straight from Home director Jack Buser: Later today, the PLAYSTATION Store will be updated with a PlayStation Home theme. By downloading the theme, users are submitting an application to join the PlayStation Home BETA test community.

We will be using a variety of criteria including activity on the PLAYSTATION Network to determine eligibility for the BETA community. Existing Home BETA users worry not, as your accounts will transfer over to the extended BETA period.

Keep in mind that this all applies to North American folks only. Over in Euro-land, SCEE will be targeting the most active users on PSN.

10 Reasons Why You'll Want to Cop Bionic Commando

344w ago - It's no secret Bionic Commando was one of the hottest games back in the day. The popular franchise has been around since 1988 and to be honest I was beginning to lose hope that we would ever see a sequel for the next-gen console. That was until it was announced in October that Bionic Commando would be released for XBOX 360, PS3 and Windows.

So you already know I've been following it closely and can't wait to get my hands on it. If you're a fan of the franchise you won't need to be convinced, but just in case you are having doubts read on and you'll see why I am so hyped about it.

1. The Gameplay

Don't get it twisted we all love the old 2D arcade versions of the game, they were plenty fun for the time, but the thought of swinging around in open world 3D environment with the Bionic Arm has to get you hyped. In the old versions Nathan "Rad" Spencer was unable to jump, he could only use his arm to get from place to place. Now you will be wrecking havoc in vertical and horizontal environments. Let's just say the dude has been upgraded in a major way and there are barely any limits on what you can do.

2. Multiplayer

It was just recently confirmed that on-line modes will support 10 vs. 10, which is plenty enough if you ask me. Adding more players just adds...

PS3 Development Issues Being Resolved, Boss Wants Price Cut

344w ago - Speaking to trade site MCVUK (linked above), Famitsu boss Hirokazu Hamamura went on record to say that the PS3's slow adoption rate in Japan is gradually improving, despite various software development difficulties that plagued the console early on.

Hamamura believes that, in order sustain this level of growth and accelerate it further, a price cut is needed before this year's holiday season.

If the console gets another price cut by the year-end shopping season, I believe its penetration pace will become accelerated.

Nothing to disagree with here. We'd certainly like to see a price cut too!

Four Games we want Hideo Kojima to work on after MGS

347w ago - We are taking a look at four Hideo Kojima games that we would like to see resurrected. Now that Solid Snake's tale has come to an end, Hideo Kojima has plenty of time to dabble in the worlds outside of the Metal Gear universe.

After all, the man is no one trick pony; he has many other series' that fans of his would love to either see remakes of or better yet, new iterations. So without further ado, we present to you readers, the 4 games we would like to Mr. Kojima work on in the future.

Snatcher was a game that was doomed from the start here in North America. Not only did it debut at the end of the Sega CD's life, but hardly anyone bought the add-on resulting in poor sales. Yet, over the years, this cyber-punk adventure would gain a small cult following of hardcore Hideo Kojima fans. Snatcher was basically the video game adaptation of Blade Runner, centered on a "Runner" named Gillian Seed, an amnesiac new recruit of JUNKER.

It's the job of the Runners to hunt down "Snatchers", artificial life forms with the appearances of humans. It's up to Gillian to stop the Snatchers before they over run both Neo Kobe and the world. If players pay special attention to detail, they will notice a lot of Metal Gear Solid references, as well as ones to...

Ten Things We Still Want in PlayStation 3 Firmware

347w ago - Gizmodo has posted a list of 10 things they still are seeking in PS3 Firmware. To quote:

10) Smarter Firmware Updates

Let me agree to terms and conditions–a tiny 1K file transfer–before downloading the whole software update. Then once the update downloads it can roll into an install without me having to push some stupid buttons on the controller.

9) Automatic Downloaded-Game Installation

We're really still manually installing most game and demo downloads? Seriously? No, seriously?

8) Real Keyboard Support

The PS3 "supports" a mouse and keyboard. But keyboard support is still not functional or assignable in most games. Some middleware solutions would be nice here, Sony. I should be able to play anything on a mouse and keyboard by mapping SIXAXIS/DualShock3 buttons.

7) In-Game Web Browsing

OK, so here's an instance where we can access the XMB while in a game, but we can't really access it. Because you can't browse the web while in a game. I'd love the option to look up walkthroughs...err...hints and tips without going to the computer.

6) Controllers Don't Charge Without PS3 "On"

Why do I need to leave on my entire PS3 to charge one controller? A firmware update could program the USB portion of...
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