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Qore Episode 08 Features Killzone 2, F.E.A.R. 2, and Heavy Rain 50°
327w ago - PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has introduced Qore Episode 08 via PlayStation Blog as follows:

The Qore team's put together a terrific show to kick off 2009 as Qore - Episode 08 hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow and features some of the hottest games appearing on PLAYSTATION 3 in the first part of the 2009.

Episode 08 begins with a trip to Amsterdam for an inside glimpse at one of the year's...

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Video: Heavy Rain In-Depth PlayStation 3 Developer Interview 50°
331w ago - GameTrailers have made available an in-depth interview with PlayStation 3 title Heavy Rain's writer and director David Cage today.

The video's caption reads:

"This adult-oriented game is all about a story you can't get out of your head."

The video is available below...


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Heavy Rain Developer Interview & New Screens for PlayStation 3 100°
333w ago - Recently 1UP has conducted a great interview with Quantic Dream's president and CEO (and Heavy Rain writer and director) David Cage, and have released a couple more screenshots that can be considered breathtaking to say the least.

Of course, screenshots have the ability to speak just fine for themselves. Make sure to visit the source (linked above) to see them all. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

1UP: You...

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Video: Heavy Rain Public Presentation for PlayStation 3 50°
337w ago - Here's the public presentation of Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 3 made by its Producer at Micromania Games Show 2008 in Paris.

- In this demo, the player takes the role of a young journalist who is investigating on several girls' disappearances, she goes to a house of a former taxi driver who is suspected of killing these women. In this presentation, the Producer of the game shows 2 different ways to finish this demo, there are lots...

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Cage: Heavy Rain gameplay target is 8-12 hours 200°
344w ago - Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Quantic Dream boss David Cage said a single walk through of top drawer PS3 thriller Heavy Rain is likely to take no more than 12 hours.

"We're still in the middle of production, so I can't really tell you the exact time of the game, but we're targeting a game between eight and 12 hours in gameplay for one walk through," he said.

Seen for the first time in Germany last...

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Heavy Rain demo confirmed and DLC hinted 100°
347w ago - As if the control mechanic revelations weren't enough, Quantic Dream has confirmed Heavy Rain's episodic structure would be ideal for DLC, but it's too early for them to gauge opportunities just yet.

"There's so many possibilities with this thing, because what matters now is just the story you want to tell," producer David Cage stated. "Do you have a good story to tell? Then you can do it, because this thing isn't specific to the...

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Quantic Dream's PS3 exclusive unveiled - Heavy Rain due late 2009 50°
347w ago - One of the highlights in David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), introductory speech, Heavy Rain was unveiled at Games Convention 2008, taking brave new steps in the games industry in both content - an adult thriller with a complex plot - and gameplay - where you play and shape the storyline rather than be a mere spectator.

Step into a world of mystery and suspense, betrayal and redemption,...

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Heavy Rain for PS3 at Sony Conference tomorrow 50°
348w ago - We have just seen a small part of Sony Computer Entertainment conference rehearsal here at Game Convention in Leipzig, and we are almost certain that a new trailer of Heavy Rain for the PlayStation 3 with ingame footage was broadcasted.

We can also confirm that a new trailer of LittleBigPlanet will be shown and Pete Smith, Producer of the game, will be giving us some details about his game on stage.

The conference will...

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Video: Heavy Rain behind the scenes and in-game footage 50°
349w ago - Courtesy of tigersnake86, the following clip shows some behind the scenes making of Heavy Rain and in-game footage.

The video's caption simply reads: "First in-game footage!!!"

Those interested can check it out below, courtesy of GameTrailers.


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New Heavy Rain Images Pour In 100°
349w ago - The upcoming PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain from acclaimed Fahrenheit and Omikron developers Quantic Dream, has been hidden from public eyes since 2006's concept video. Since then we've only had glimpses of impressive facial close ups, but now we can bring you a little bit more...

A zoomed out view of what looks like a new character in Heavy Rain, and new supposed gameplay shots of a motorbiker. The visuals are certainly impressive...

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