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Bad box office sales blamed on Halo 3 50°
October 16, 2007 // 1:02 pm - It's been the worst October for North American movie ticket sales in years, and industry executives are pointing the finger at Master Chief.

Total cinema ticket sales in North America for the weekend of October 5 were a relatively meager $80 million--the worst results for an October weekend since 1999, reports Advertising Age.

Industry executives are wagging the finger at blockbuster game Halo 3, which was released in the US on September 26, made $170 million in its first day on sale, and at the last count, had made its creators Bungie and Microsoft more than $300 million.


Halo 3 multiplayer update 50°
October 10, 2007 // 3:20 pm - Bungie has released a patch today for Halo 3 on Xbox360. Below is a list of the latest features.

Big Team Battle matches are now 16-player affairs.
In the Team Slayer playlist, the appearance of Shotty Snipers has been greatly reduced.
Now, when players veto Shotty Snipers, the game that results from the veto will not be Shotty Snipers.
In one-sided VIP matches, the attacking team will now see a waypoint for the VIP they are hunting.
In Lone Wolves, Slayer gametypes will appear more frequently.

Good, I was getting very sick of shotty snipers.


Fantastic Halo 3 weapons based on real life weapons! 50°
October 2, 2007 // 11:12 am - An article over at WIRED has some pretty interesting information on how the weapons of Halo are actually based on real life weapons and ideas!

I wonder if in 2035 the US army will be made up of Master Chief spartan warriors??!


Halo 3 Game Freezing Issues 50°
September 28, 2007 // 7:42 pm - Literally hundreds of people have been posting in two forum threads at both the Bungie and Xbox sites saying that they are having serious problems with disc reading errors and Halo 3. The issue appears to happen for various people at different places in the game, and is not related to whether the disc is scratched or not. User Muffy had the following to say on the Bungie forums:

I'm on my 3rd copy of Halo 3 - after the 2nd Limited copy was found to be scratched I upgraded to Legendary hoping the REAL DVD CASE you get when you by the "PLASTIC...


Halo 3 sales top £84m in 24 hours 50°
September 28, 2007 // 12:40 am - Video game Halo 3 earned more than £84m ($170m) in sales in its first 24 hours on release, according to Microsoft.

The game sets the record for the most money earned in a day by an entertainment product, topping figures set by film Spiderman 3.

Thousands of shops opened at midnight on Monday in the United States as gamers queued for the Xbox 360 title.


Bungie hits back at Halo 3 graphics complaints 50°
September 26, 2007 // 9:27 pm - Developer says game is "not trying to be incredibly photo realistic".

Halo 3 developer Bungie has come out fighting amid some complaints that the blockbuster FPS, available in the UK now, is simply "Halo 2 in HD".

Speaking in an interview with Pro-G at the launch of the game in London's Waterloo IMAX cinema last night, Lee Wilson, cinematic designer at Bungie Studios said the team was delighted with the graphics in Halo 3.

He said: "It's completely immersive. The art direction is immaculate. It's not trying to be incredibly photo realistic or painting this...


Euro gamers get hands on Halo 3 50°
September 25, 2007 // 10:21 pm - Gamers across Europe got their hands on Halo 3 at midnight on Tuesday, one of the most anticipated and heavily marketed titles in history.

Thousands of gamers queued on Monday at stores in the US, Australia and New Zealand to be the first to play it. The Xbox 360 title is Microsoft's key weapon in the console wars with Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft hopes day one sales will top £70m ($140m), more than the opening takings of any movie in history.


Xbox 360: PAL Halo 3 Legendary Editions screwed? 50°
September 25, 2007 // 7:54 pm - Do you live in a PAL territory? Did you somehow manage to get your hands on a Legendary Edition? Looking forward to prising it from it's virginal packaging?

If you were particularly lucky, some of you had your Legendary editions delivered to an address of your choice today. Perhaps the rest of us receiving our own tomorrow should be a bit more nervous about taking a peek inside that box.

Of those who received theirs today - some are speaking of a mysterious second disk, a complete second Halo 3 game DVD. Great you think? Not really... The extra copy of the game takes the...


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