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PlayXpert Does For Sony Games What XMB Should Already Be Doing 50°
379w ago - PS3 owners have been screaming for a feature like this in XMB. PlayXpert allows cross game communication with your friends from your friends list. It's supported in all the major SOE games and even works with non-SOE games.

PlayXpert, the provider of next-generation in-game community management tools, announced today it has developed a unique Chat Gateway integrated with Sony Online Entertainment's (SOE) Station Friends chat network...

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Casual Games and Piracy: The Truth 50°
380w ago - Just how rampant is piracy in PC casual gaming? In a startling instalment of his regular Gamasutra column, Reflexive's director of marketing Russell Carroll (Wik, Ricochet) reveals the 92% piracy rate for one of his company's games, and what worked (and didn't work) when they tried to fix it.]

"It looks like around 92% of the people playing the full version of [the pictured] Ricochet Infinity pirated it." It's moments like those...

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Race Driver: GRID UK Preview 50°
380w ago - With the current generation of consoles now really hitting their stride, last year saw a steady influx of triple-A racing titles for petrol-heads to gorge themselves on - from Forza Motorsport's refined take on an established formula, through to the zenith of the Project Gotham series with its fourth installment, and on to the triumphant return of SEGA Rally, there was no shortage of choice for those yearning for automotive thrills.

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Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008 coming March 11 50°
380w ago - Dust off the old axe and brush up on those hot licks! Guinness World Record's will be holding an international Guitar Hero Relay Marathon between the UK, France, US, Canada, South Africa and Australia to celebrate the release of the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008.

Any and all Guitar Heroes are welcome to participate, dress as their their favorite Guitar Hero, and shred in this historic record attempt! For more information,...

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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 to be announced shortly? 50°
380w ago - Hungarian PC gaming magazine PC Guru has a front-page story detailing exclusive news about Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. Hungarian subscribers will recieve this magazine on Thursday.

Anyone interested in the franchise has been waiting for another Red Alert, and this is surely great news indeed and we hope that this isn't a repeat of this Gears of War story that turned out to be a big fuss about nothing.

We'll be on top...

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Mass Effect (360) Officially Coming to PC in May! 50°
380w ago - Re-designed for the PC, Mass Effect invites players to take the role of Commander Shepard as they set out on an adventure to save the galaxy from imminent destruction. Wrought with treachery, heroism, difficult decisions and a universe filled with unique and colorful species, Mass Effect delivers a truly compelling storyline.

Optimized for the PC, Mass Effect for the PC incorporates the following features:

Optimized controls...

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PSPColem: ColecoVision Emulator for PSP v1.1.1 out! 50°
380w ago - Zx-81 has released a new version of PSPColem, a ColecoVision emulator for PSP. Notable changes in version 1.1.1 include numerous improvements in performance, IR keyboard support for menu related tasks, the ability to map settings to a certain hotkey, and an auto-fire mode.

Download: PSPColem v1.1.1 for 3.X CFW / PSPColem v1.1.1 for FW 1.5

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Rumor Update: Left 4 Dead headed to PlayStation 3 50°
380w ago - Update: Frenzied, we touched base with Valve Doug Lombardi who says "There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead announced, nor in development. Not sure how that got started."

His answer seems pretty straight forward, but we're still holding out hope that the game will make its way to the PS3.

Words can't express how badly I need to be playing Left 4 Dead right now. Turtle Rock Studios' cooperative multiplayer survival-horror...

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