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First Look: Tomb Raider: Underworld 50°
383w ago - For a series that was left practically dead after the horrifying Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider has been revived so well by Crystal Dynamics that it's now got people who've never played the games hopelessly falling in love with it. Having first taken the spunky, extremely well-endowed Lara out for a spin in 1997, and having gone back to where it all began with Anniversary, this deranged, maniacal, slack-jawed Tomb Raider nutcase has seen it all....

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3-way NVIDIA SLI offers extreme performance 200°
383w ago - NVIDIA has extended its SLI technology, allowing up to three GeForce graphics cards to be used in one machine - delivering up to 2.8 times the performance of a single GPU system.

If you've ever wanted to run Crysis at 2560–1600 with 8x AA and all the DirectX 10 effects enabled, this is the way to do it - although it'll cost you a pretty penny. You'll need a NVIDIA nForce 850 SLI MCP motherboard to start, then three GeForce 8800...

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Update: Microsoft Offers Free Copy of Windows Vista Ultimate if you Surrender Privacy 100°
384w ago - Update: We have recently discovered that yesterday afternoon (12/11/07) Microsoft took away the freebie part of this offer (the software). However, Microsoft is still running the survey and 3-month feedback program. This means anyone who signed up after the cutoff is still going to be monitored, but recieve nothing in return for the forfeit of privacy. Microsoft apparently thinks your privacy isn't worth anything now.

Need a free...

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Unreal Tournament developer doles out some tips 50°
384w ago - Unreal Tournament III finally gets released in the US tomorrow and one of its developers, Art Production Manager Chris Mielke, has posted some tips on the PlayStation.Blog.

So if you're picking the game up at any point, make sure you take note of Chris' advice. While the main bulk of his post is a walkthrough of the level "Suspense" he also includes some random pearls of wisdom. Check out the blog post and try to osmose as much information...

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Microsoft trials XP on XO laptop 50°
384w ago - Microsoft is to begin field tests of Windows XP working on the so-called $100 laptop, or XO, early in 2008.

It has not committed to offering XP on the XO laptop but hopes to release the operating system in the first half of 2008 if the trials succeed.

The work, undertaken as part of the firm's plans to widen access to technology, forms part of a project to run Windows on flash-based machines.

The XO does not...

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Upcoming Week of Games: December 9 - December 15 50°
384w ago - As is standard for december, this week is a crappy release week. However, the PS3's big releases of Orange Box and Unreal Tournament 3 make it worthwhile to make a list, even if there isn't much on other platforms.

Nintendo DS (nothing notable)

Nintendo Wii (2 games)
Indianapolis 500 Legends (Friday December 14)
Super Swing Golf Season 2 (Tuesday December 11)

X-Box 360 (1 game)
NCAA March...

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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.3.2 out! 50°
384w ago - Zx-81 has updated PSPCAP32 today, an Amstrad CPC emulator for PSP.

Version 1.3.2 features many new additions and bug fixes, including improved IR keyboard support and an option to display graphics in monochrome.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.2 for CFW 3.X / PSPCAP32 v1.3.2 for FW 1.5

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New Condemned 2 Bloodshot Images 50°
384w ago - A few new screenshots of Monolith's upcoming first person horror shooter Condemned 2 Bloodshot. The new images include a few enemies gamers will run into including a clown mask wearing hobo, and a man in need of a dentist.

More screenshots can be seen at the link up top!

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Portal is the most subversive game ever 50°
384w ago - This modern masterpiece shakes the FPS genre to the very core.. Warning: The text you are about to read contains heady intellectual discourse and is not recommended for anyone made queasy by the discussion of feminist film theory or psychoanalytical signifiers.

Since its release two months ago, Portal has met with overwhelming popular and critical success thanks to its quirky physics and dystopian humor. Yet beneath the mainstream success...

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More co-operation is the last thing we need 50°
384w ago - Co-op: it's the New Wave of multiplayer. For most of the '90s, online co-op was something gaming fanatics clamoured after, but developers shied away because "no one ever plays it". That's all changed.

With burgeoning broadband and the increase in online matchmaking efficiency, games are queuing up to offer you the opportunity to play through an epic with a friend.

Adding co-op to a singleplayer game is one thing. But now...

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