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How would you like Wireless HDTV on your Sony PS3?

345w ago - Reports indicate that Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Motrola and more specialists have teamed up to form a joint industry development body to bring out a Wireless Home Digital Interface.

What this will allow is secure encrypted HD video delivery through multiple rooms and then some with less than one millisecond latency.

One member commented "If you have a TV in the home, that TV will be able to access any source in the home, whether it's a set-top box in the living room, or the PlayStation in the bedroom, or a DVD player in another bedroom."

To quote: What the flip is WHDI? Well, according to the Israel-based Amimon company on whose technology the standard is to be based, "A key ingredient of WHDI technology is a revolutionary video-modem that operates in the 5GHz unlicensed band to enable robust wireless delivery of uncompressed HD video (including 1080p).

"WHDI allows secure, encrypted HD video delivery through multiple rooms and other potential signal obstructions, such as people and furniture, while maintaining superb quality and robustness with less than one-millisecond latency."

Sitting on the board of Amimon is Dr. David Lee, the founder of the HDMI standard, so this looks like more than hot air.

Sony date The Last Guy headed for PSN in Japan

345w ago - Sony Japan have announced that PSN title The Last Guy (314mb) will be available in Japan on July 31, for 500 yen. Below is also a gameplay video of The Last Guy, courtesy of killingthee via YouTube.

To quote: In The Last Guy Japan Premium, you play as Last Guy, who's come from the Himalayas to save the people of Asakusa, one of Tokyo's hot tourist spots, from attacking zombies. Your job is simple: find people remaining in the Asakusa area and lead them to special escape zones.

As suggested in the original teaser trailer from two weeks back, the game makes use of real life aerial photos of the Asakusa area. Judging by the few screenshots Sony handed out today and the new trailer video that was posted at the game's official site, gameplay appears to be viewed from a strictly overhead perspective.


Sony: FFXIII 360 Doesn't Concern Us, Impact Will Be Minimal

345w ago - With Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360, is Sony concerned that it lost a major exclusive? Nope. Speaking in a recent interview, SCEA senior vice president Peter Dille shared his thoughts on the announcement, comparing it to Grand Theft Auto IV.

He believes that since FFXIII is now a cross-platform title, it will not move consoles in the same way that exclusive titles do, like Metal Gear Solid 4 for instance.

To quote: What you have with "Final Fantasy XIII" is a lot like what they've paid for with "GTA." It's not an exclusive on their platform. It's now a cross-platform game. And I think if you look at how "GTA" behaved in the marketplace and how it drove – or didn't drive – either console, that's what I'm talking about. Consumers responded to "GTA" on the PS3 just as they did on the 360.

He's probably right. After seeing the effect of GTA IV on both consoles, many are expecting a very similar situation with the release of FFXIII.

Either way, any time a publisher drops exclusivity on another platform is a victory for Microsoft, as it levels the playing field.

New 80GB Sony PS3: Limited USB Connectivity

345w ago - Product Reviews writes: On our recent post about the new PlayTV, one of our readers asked if the new announced 80gb Sony PS3 will have rear USB slots as the current 40gb model doesn't have any at the rear.

They did not want the PlayTV sticking out at the front of the Playstation 3, after a little research we cannot confirm if they will be back or front, but it does not look good from what we read on Stuff.

The 80GB will come with the same feature set as the pared down model. So limited USB connectivity and no backwards compatibility with PS2 games. If that's true then we could expect nearly everything to be the same, including the USB ports. This will affect buyer's decisions when looking at the PlayTV.

The new 80GB PS3 will be coming to the UK on August 27th and it's a good deal at £299, the same price as the 40GB model. Looks like things will pretty much be the same, apart from the extra 40GB.

Would you prefer improved USB connections and a better position on the PS3?

Video PoC: European PS3 accessing Sony's US PSN Video Store

345w ago - 0komp0 has posted a video on YouTube showing his European PS3 connected to gain access to Sony's US Video Store. He hasn't tried purchasing any content yet, and the video below is just to show that it is possible for Europeans to access the Video Store.

To quote: After watching E3 live via a friends stream I heard about the New Video Store for PS3 Owners. It sounded amazing and I planned to purchase content. However the days past and the news comes that its not available to us EU-based PS3 owners!

Here is a proof of concept video to show it can be accessed from other countries. Thanks for screwing us EU users AGAIN SONY!!!

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