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Battlefield: Bad Company Special video available 200°
March 10, 2008 // 11:53 pm - special for the latest game in the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Bad Company.

Included is an in-depth look at the new game as well as a tour of the DICE studio and look back at the titles that have formed the Battlefield series.

Video can be seen below:


MLB 2K8 vs MLB 08: The Show! 50°
March 9, 2008 // 11:23 pm - While I've previously gone through my initial impressions of MLB 2K8 and MLB 08: The Show, I figured it would be interesting to match the two games up in different categories and determine which came out on top.

Of course those with only a 360 don't have a choice in the matter, but it's important to know what is being done well and what isn't both on their own individual terms as well as competitively for the future of these franchises.

The two games headed into release taking completely different paths. 2K8 dramatically changed the central mechanics and practically hid...


Xbox 360 Intercoolers: Yay nor Nay? 250°
March 9, 2008 // 11:22 pm - Every video gamer who owns a next-gen console lives with the constant worry in the back of their mind that their marvelous console is going to "explode" unexpectedly. Weather it be a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or even a Wii, the most likely cause of a console's death is usually overheating. Such is generally the cause of Playstation 3 malfunctions and Xbox 360's infamous red rings of death.

If there is one thing marketing strategists know about sales, it is that fear is an excelent purchase motivator. In response to gamers' fears about their systems overheating intercoolers have...


Lost Odyssey: fixing a hole for XBox 360 50°
March 9, 2008 // 11:21 pm - Lost Odyssey makes me mad. I shouldn't let it get to me, but I can't help it. I was provoked. 4 discs and 50 hours of hackneyed storytelling punctuated by ponderous cutscenes, fatuous characters, insipid dialogue, and derivative gameplay.

The game is worse than bad. It's bad dressed up as portentous. It's a place you've already been, with deeds you've already done, accompanied by music you've already heard - all "made possible only by the power of Xbox 360."

Why did it have to be this way?

Lost Odyssey is what happens when the primary objective driving...


Have the Big Three Learned from the Saturn's Mistake? 50°
March 8, 2008 // 4:03 pm - When I originally proposed this story, I called it "The Saturnization of PlayStation 3" because I saw some striking parallels between the way SEGA handled its ill-fated Saturn game console and the way Sony's been handling its PS3. Of late, though, Sony has shown signs of reasonable intelligence.

While working on the backstory of this article, I became aware that the real analogies are not between SEGA and Sony; they are between Microsoft and SEGA.

History repeats?

When I first mentioned my story idea to John Taylor, a savvy videogames analyst working for Arcadia...


Condemned: Bloodshot postponed 300°
March 8, 2008 // 4:02 pm - Bad news for fans of survival horror, which will have to wait a little longer before they can taste 2 Condemned: Bloodshot.

SEGA indeed came to announce a further postponement of the game, even though the title had already been recently postponed by two weeks.

It is therefore necessary to wait until April 4 to find the friend Ethan Thomas in action. Until then, enjoy some new images of the game.

More screenshots can be seen at the link at the top of this article!


COD4 patch ruins experience for Xbox 360! 250°
March 8, 2008 // 3:54 pm - The call of duty 4 patch has been out for a week now on the Xbox 360 and after the brief excitement of some relatively small changes, I am left wondering what ever happened to that once great game.

For me, the game has become near impossible to play online. The previously frequent green bars and 10 player kill streaks have been replaced by horrid red bars in 8 out of the 10 rooms I join and a kill ratio that is going down like the Titanic.

I believe the optimized server selection update is primarily to blame, with those of us in smaller territories (NZ / AU) forced...


Sony, Microsoft discuss Blu-ray for Xbox 360 350°
March 6, 2008 // 10:21 pm - Sony is in talks with console rival Microsoft about offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, according to a senior executive.

The Japanese electronics maker has until now touted Blu-ray as an advantage its PlayStation 3 holds over Microsoft's console. Microsoft has backed Toshiba's HD-DVD format and offered an HD-DVD drive that can be plugged into the 360.

But after Sony's victory last month in the high-definition DVD format war, Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics US president, said the two sides were now talking about Microsoft adopting Blu-ray.

A Blu-ray drive...


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