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Duke Nukem Forever Playable at PAX, Hits Retailers in 2011 500°
247w ago - Though the game has been presumed dead so many times you'd need an abacus to keep track, "Duke Nukem Forever" is very much alive - and he's coming to store shelves soon.

Take Two Interactive Software pulled off one of the video game world's biggest surprises Friday, announcing not only that the over-a-decade-in-development first person shooter was nearly finished, but backing that claim up by giving the 150,000 people attending the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle the chance to play the game.

The rest of the world will get its chance in 2011 - on the PC, Xbox...

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UK Channel 4 Interested in Bringing 4oD Service to PlayStation 3 50°
251w ago - A few months back we reported that ITV was in talks with Sony, and today (linked above) reports that UK Channel 4 is interested in bringing their 4oD on-demand service to the PlayStation 3 entertainment system as well.

If 4oD was available on the PS3, fans would be able to view popular shows on demand including Skins, Father Ted and Come Dine With Me amongst others.

An unnamed source from Channel 4...

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Sony Confirms PlayStation Move UK Pricing & Starter Pack Details 250°
252w ago - A few weeks back Sony announced PlayStation Move PS3 motion controller bundles and pricing for North America, and today they have confirmed UK pricing and Starter Pack details.

To quote from (linked above): The Motion Controller itself will be £34.99, while the Sub Controller will be £24.99. The PlayStation Eye will cost £24.99.

There will also be a £49.99 bundle featuring the Motion Controller, the Eye and a starter disc.


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Sony Announces PlayStation Beta Rooms for UK Gamers 50°
253w ago - SCEE's Community Leader MusterBuster has has just announced something which will give UK gamers an opportunity to try out betas in PlayStation Beta Rooms.

It's an event being held in Vaad Gallery at Birmingham's Custard Factory. Full details are available below, to quote:

"Calling all PlayStation faithfuls, we're inviting you to come and prove yourself on games before they're released, battle it out...

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Sony UK Video Store PS3 Update for the Week of July 13, 2010 50°
254w ago - Today Sony Network Entertainment's Senior Manager Marketing and Programming Lindsay Iveson has posted up this weeks UK PS3 video store update, which includes the following releases, to quote:

Here is a quick update on the Video Store for this week. Check out our new releases available to rent and buy below.

Also, click here for the chance to win a pair tickets to the A-Team premiere in London. Offer ends 14/07/11.

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Sony UK Video Store PS3 Update for April 26, 2010 50°
265w ago - Today SCEE Senior Manager of EU Marketing and Programming Olga Puzanova has posted up this week's UK video store PS3 update, as follows:

Here is the list of what's new this week at the video store.

To Rent:

• Mojave Moon
• Can't Hardly Wait
• Slumdog Millionaire
• Bright Star
• Windtalkers
• Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
• Death Wish II
• Slugs
• Dead Babies
• Black Hole
• Mad House
• Cheech &...

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Sony UK Video Store PS3 Update for the Week of April 14, 2010 50°
267w ago - SCEE Senior Manager Olga Puzanova of Marketing and Programming has posted up the weekly UK video store PS3 update today, as follows:

Hi guys! Sorry for delay with this week's post, here is what's new this week at the video store. Enjoy!

To Rent:

Sniper 3
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
White Chicks
Ice Castles
Charlie's Angels
Mr. Deeds
The Forgotten
The Cable Guy
Girl, Interrupted
Panic Room

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Sony PS3 UK Video Store Update for the Week of April 7, 2010 50°
268w ago - Sony Senior Manager Olga Puzanova of EU Marketing and Programming has posted this week's PS3 UK video store update today, as follows:

New this week from the Video Store:

To Buy
• Dead Man Running
• Spring Breakdown
• Clive Barker's Dread
• The Forbidden Kingdom
• Red Eye

To Rent
• 2012
• Spring Breakdown
• Dead Man Running
• Clive Barker's Dread
• The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus

Our April Foolishness Sale is still on so please check...

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