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Jaffe to Announce a New Video Game Soon, Twisted Metal?

Jaffe to Announce a New Video Game Soon, Twisted Metal? 50°
294w ago - Update: David Jaffe has just confirmed via Twitter that his upcoming video game is not a new Twisted Metal, to quote: "By the way, I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal. Making game you've already worked on is tons easier cuz your core blueprint is."

Recently Eat, Sleep, Play boss David Jaffe has tweeted that his new game is to be announced "soon".

That's despite the developer previously saying he'd "love" to announce it at E3 2010.

But is it Twisted Metal? Probably. We should know before too long, from the sound of it.

To quote: "BUT so you know, I got nothing to do with GOD OF WAR 3... but please buy our new game, to be announced soon! " - djaffe

New Twisted Metal Details for Sony's PlayStation 3 Console

New Twisted Metal Details for Sony's PlayStation 3 Console 100°
315w ago - Unless you have been living under a rock you probably already have heard of Twisted Metal coming to the PS3.

This game is personally one of my top 3 car combat games of all time, plus the new PS3 version is being developed by one of the best developers in the game Industry, David Jaffe. He is well known for the Twisted Metal series and the God of War series.

He confirmed that this game will be coming exclusively to the PS3 with no further info on the game until now.

I have covered every possible factual thing related to Twisted Metal for the PS3 on the Internet for months, and here are some of my findings, but remember nothing has been confirmed about this game so these are all still rumors:

• Tons of weapons and combo attacks
• Improved vehicle physics
• Game will run at a smooth 60-frames-per-second
• All the old characters are back including some new faces
• Co-op modes

I personally can't wait to see more news and trailers for this game because we haven't heard much news about this triple A title in a while.

Why Twisted Metal is Important for PlayStation 3

Why Twisted Metal is Important for PlayStation 3 50°
325w ago - I remember first seeing the original Twisted Metal on my friend's PlayStation way back when, and I distinctly recall the words that spilled from my mouth: "holy cow, what is this?!"

Then I fell in love all over again with Twisted Metal 2 - still one of my favorite games ever, and I still play it - and I knew right then I'd be a TM fan for life... or so I thought. 989 Studios took over for TM3 and TM4, both of which were colossal disappointments in my opinion, and I gave the franchise up for lost.

Then, Jaffe and the boys returned for Twisted Metal: Black on the PS2, which instantly resurrected my faith.

Since then, we've only had Head-On for the PSP and PS2 and while it was a super entertaining game in its own right, we really need that PlayStation 3 installment. It began with small hints, like this picture here, and then Jaffe himself confirmed that one of our favorite series would make a triumphant return on the PS3.

Jaffe's new studio, Eat Sleep Play, is cranking away on the game even as we speak, and for more evidence as to why we need such a title right now, Jaffe recently spoke about how he may have missed the mark with Calling All Cars. It was fun, but in his quest to relive the glory days of the SNES, he admits to the fact that such a game may not appeal to the new...

Jaffe: PS3 Twisted Metal Next Project

Jaffe: PS3 Twisted Metal Next Project 50°
369w ago - When David Jaffe released Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition he promised that there was a hidden message in the game that would reveal the next project for Jaffe's Eat Sleep Play development studio.

Well it may have been "hidden really, really, really well" but you know how hardcore fans can be. A group over at Gamefaq managed to decipher the message in record time, discovering that it reads: METAL IS COMING ON PSTHREE.

I contacted Jaffe, who's hanging at DICE this week, to see if the gamers were on the money and he confirmed they were, adding his chagrin at how fast the code was discovered and cracked. Unfortunately, he hit me with a big fat no comment when I asked him if the upcoming PS3 version of Metal was going to be hitting the console via a disc or as a downloadable.

"As for how it gets distributed, no comment "

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