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Japanese Sales: PS3 Overtakes Nintendo's Wii, but Mario Tops the Chart 50°
387w ago - Update: In addition to the first day sales figures, some early numbers from Famitsu have been released for the whole week, including hardware sales that show a massive leap for the PlayStation 3 following the launch of the new White model, plus a price drop.

Due to the increase in adverts for Wii Play and Wii Sports, both games launch back into the Top 10, whilst Super Mario Galaxy holds up quite respectably in its second week,...

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New Lego Batman details released 50°
387w ago - The long-hinted new Traveller's Tales IP set for release in 2008
The new franchise to follow Traveller's Tales successful Lego Star Wars games, which was hinted at over a year ago, and finally confirmed earlier this year, will be published on all platforms in Europe in 2008.

Following the developer's acquisition by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment last week, for which the Lego franchise will have been the prime sweetener, the...

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Check out the new Wii Mii channel 50°
388w ago - On 11/11/07 new Wii "Check Mii Out" channel is available for download. It let users check out Miis that are created all over the world.

Users can also vote for the best Miis and submit their own. There is also an ongoing contest for users to submit Mii that matches the given category.

Currently the contest is look for "Mario without his hat".

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Guitar Hero III For Nintendo Wii Is Mono Sound Only? 50°
388w ago - Reports have been flying across the web claiming that Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii plays in mono sound only. If true, this could be a huge disaster for Activision and Nintendo. Guitar Hero III is supposed to support Dolby Pro Logic II quality sound. I have not been able to verify this rumor, considering I have only sampled the gameplay on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Single-channel mono sound is simply not acceptable in the...

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Zelda Link to the Past Remake Being Considered? 50°
388w ago - The latest issue of the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has an interview with Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma about the Zelda series in which he discusses plans for the future, including thoughts on a potential remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past:

"Ocarina of Time was the first title I worked on, and I was continuously tackling challenges every day during its development, so I think this is the title I feel I impacted the most. I...

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A round-up of the first games for the download service 50°
388w ago - NGamer takes a look at the games bound for Nintendo's new WiiWare game download service, due to launch into action in the New Year.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King and the Promised Country
The WiiWare daddy, both in terms of excitement levels and name length, Square Enix's FF CC: TLKatPC is not a replacement for the full Crystal Bearers game - that's still heading Wii-wards - but an all new 'country-building...

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Zack & Wiki: The Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure 50°
388w ago - There's not much I can say about Zack & Wiki that hasn't already been said elsewhere. It's garnering critical acclaim across the board, and yet, rumors are abound that early sales have been abysmal at best. It's sad to think that one of the best games on the Wii ever might go the way of Beyond Good & Evil or Psychonauts, adored by those who played it, and ignored by most everybody else.

Zack & Wiki are the newest recruits of a...

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Teen steals $9,000 from grandmother, buys Wii 50°
388w ago - In Troy, Ohio, a teen who stole more than $9,000 to buy a Nintendo Wii was saved of being sent to prison by the forgiveness of his grandmother.
Richard Bruckner, 18, reportedly stole $9,045 from his 78-year-old grandmother. She called the police when she noticed the money missing from her pillowcase, where she stashed it.

According to police, Bruckner began by taking about $10 to $20 at a time from the pillow and eventually moved...

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The Ultimate Next Gen Customization Guide 50°
388w ago - As we've shown before, upgrading your PS3's hard drive (HDD) is a quick and easy process. You don't need to be a master PC builder to do it; in fact, the hardest part is removing the tiny screws without stripping them.

After swapping out our first drive, we naturally wanted more, more, more!. A huge hard drive is obviously great for downloading demos, videos, and adding MP3s to your PS3 library. But speed also counts. Hard drives are...

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Quartermann: More MGS PSP, More Sonic Games 50°
388w ago - Plus, remember THQ's N64 wrestler No Mercy? It's coming back.

It's Friday and we're all still reeling from the news that NPD numbers won't be gracing us in the weeks ahead, but as the latest issue of EGM falls into subscriber hands, the Quartermann's able to bring you the latest rumors. And lest we forget, Quartermann was right on the money about Bionic Commando.
This month, an old rumor resurfaces in a new form, as BioShock is...

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