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SMS Plus PSP v1.2.4 out! 50°
September 12, 2007 // 6:49 pm - Uberjack released SMS Plus PSP v1.2.4- a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for PSP. Changes include:

Download: SMS Plus PSP v1.2.4

v1.2.4 (Tuesday, September 11 2007 23:22):

  • Various bug fixes
  • Added animations to the menu UI
  • Fixed buffer overflow error affecting units without a battery

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    Atari800 PSP v2.0.3.2 released! 50°
    September 9, 2007 // 1:48 pm - uberjack has updated his Atari800 PSP emulator today, which includes the following changes:

    Download: Atari800 PSP v2.0.3.2

    v2.0.3.2 Changelog:

  • Fixed mislabeled 'Joystick Right' control (thanks Robert)
  • Updated GUI - menu animations
  • Fixed various bugs dealing with controller configuration
  • Improved state saving/loading screen

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    MasterBoy v2.02 for PSP out! 50°
    September 5, 2007 // 12:43 pm - Brunni has updated MasterBoy for PSP, which is an all-in-one emulator that supports a variety of handhelds including the Game Boy, Sega Master System and Game Gear.

    Download: MasterBoy v2.02

    New version of MasterBoy:

    - EBOOT now has icon, wallpaper and sound (thanks to Ass-Itch from playeradvance for his nice BG/ICON)
    - Corrected the bug of SRAM not saving properly for some people
    - Added the last save date next to the save state slot number
    - Enhanced SGB emulation (runs...


    DS Emulator: iDeaS 50°
    September 5, 2007 // 11:59 am - A new version of the Nintendo DS emulator iDeaS has been released:

    Download: iDeaS

    Here's the changelog:

    * Added support for WiFi plugins.
    * Added support for Hook plugins. (Video and Audio only)
    * Added support for SSE extension.
    * Added support for Expansion Ram.(Supercard)
    * Added support for multisample.(OpenGL PlugIn,sorry but i haven't tested)
    * Added support Async Operation.(OpenGL PlugIn)
    * Added support fo...


    PCSX2 - Online Network Support and keyboard support. 50°
    September 3, 2007 // 11:48 pm - The new PCSX2 plays PS2 games close to full speed and now supports online play! The authors and beta testers have successfully played Monster Hunter online on the official servers with people playing on real PS2s. Keyboard support was then added for chatting.

    There is no release with these features yet and please do not bug the authors about one. You can however play with the latest released version.


    fMSX PSP v3.3.25 released! 50°
    August 25, 2007 // 12:04 pm - Uberjack has updated his MSX series emulator for PSP, which supports both MSX and MSX2 cartridge files.

    New Features: v3.3.25

  • This update adds the ability to write changes to (uncompressed) disk images (see section on Disk Writing in the documentation for details and warnings)

    Download: fMSX PSP v3.3.25

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