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Wii Linux Proof-of-Concept v0.3 released! 50°
April 5, 2008 // 3:43 pm - Today a new version of the Wii Linux Proof-of-Concept with read and write support for the front SD card slot has been released.

To quote: Thanks to the bits of information collected and made public by the and libogc communities we have been able to write a block driver to use SD cards through the Nintendo Wii front SD card slot.

The driver provides read /write support and performance is fine (2.1 MB/s reads on my normal SD cards) compared to the classic SD card adapter driver. As in the last posts, we have released a new version of the wii-linux Proof of Concept...


Wii Homebrew Channel Demo released! 200°
April 2, 2008 // 2:46 pm - Last month, Twiizers gave a video demonstration of the ability to launch unofficial applications directly from the Wii channel menu. The homebrew channel demo has now been released to the public, and can be run on any Wii that has the Twilight Hack installed.

Download: Wii Homebrew Channel Demo

Currently, the demo has usage time limit of 10 minutes, and once the channel has expired it cannot be reinstalled... so it's suggested you use the allocated ten minutes wisely.

Installation and usage...


How 2008 will define the Wii, 360, and PS3 Generation 50°
April 1, 2008 // 7:27 pm - Each generation of consoles has made an advance in gaming unlike any other. For the N64/PS1 generation, it was the jump to 3D; for the Xbox/PS2/GC generation, it was online gameplay and sandbox games. But what about now?

Aside from prettier graphics, micro-transactions, and (arguably) motion control, what has defined this generation of consoles? The answer: nothing. Yet.

This year, however, that's going to change. 2008 will go down in gaming history as the year of user-created content's rise to prominence, with XNA and LittleBigPlanet leading the charge.


RIN Emulator Wii Port available with source code! 100°
March 31, 2008 // 5:47 pm - Famous for various emulator ports to PSP, today Mirakichi has released a port of the popular RIN GameBoy Mono/Color emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

Download: RIN Emulator for Wii / RIN Emulator Wii SRC Code

Below is a video of it in action for those interested!


[*] ROM Reading from SD card
[*] Binary Released


Rumor: GameStop Prices Wii Fit For U.S. 100°
March 25, 2008 // 2:38 pm - According to what is apparently a GameStop release list, WiiFit and the Balance Board will cost $89.99 in the U.S. when it releases on May 19th.

Per the source of the release list, the pre-order for Wiifit is double the normal price at $10.

Despite announcing an official release date for the peripheral last month, Nintendo still has yet to confirm pricing details.


New Wii System Update available - Do NOT update! 350°
March 22, 2008 // 6:35 pm - Another Wii System Update is available today. While there was a new update made available on March 20th in preparation for WiiWare, there is no official word on what this latest update is for or contributes to the state of play.

With that being stated, according to the source linked above it appears the update patches the Trucha exploit. Therefore, it is recommended that you NOT perform this or any future update for the time being!

To quote: A new Wii System Update has been released, containing a new version of the firmware (IOS37) with a fix for the signing...


Wii Homebrew Channel Demo video available! 100°
March 16, 2008 // 3:46 pm - Twiizers have released video footage demonstrating the loading of a Wii homebrew channel.

As you can clearly see in the video clip above, the Twilight Hack loads and reboots to the standard Wii channel menu with a copy of the Mii channel icon located at the bottom.

The original Mii channel icon, still intact, boots to the real Mii channel if selected, while the copied icon loads a homebrew application when pressed.


Super Smash Brawl Crystal Wii unveiled! 50°
March 14, 2008 // 8:20 pm - Yet another bizarre case mode from the crystal icing folks comes the super smash brawl swarovsky crystal mod for the Wii. Check out the link above if you think your Wii could do with some bling!

To quote: The Wii was given to the winner of the Super Smash Bros Brawl Competition. We used over 20,000 Swarovski Crystals to create this unique design. Retail price is $4,000


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