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Rumor Update: Left 4 Dead headed to PlayStation 3

Rumor Update: Left 4 Dead headed to PlayStation 3 50°
368w ago - Update: Frenzied, we touched base with Valve Doug Lombardi who says "There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead announced, nor in development. Not sure how that got started."

His answer seems pretty straight forward, but we're still holding out hope that the game will make its way to the PS3.

Words can't express how badly I need to be playing Left 4 Dead right now. Turtle Rock Studios' cooperative multiplayer survival-horror first-person shooter not only falls into more genres than you can shake a stick at, but it also looks damned good.

For now, Turtle Rock has only announced the title for the Xbox 360 and the PC. And, if you were totally hardcore, you'd at least own an Xbox 360 or a PC capable of running the game when it's released later this year. But for you chumps who are not hardcore and only own a PlayStation 3 (note: I'm kidding here, don't start calling me names), we have some good news -- it may soon be coming to Sony's console as well.

During the latest episode of the 1UP Yours podcast, Electronic Gaming Monthly's previews editor Bryan Intihar drops a bit of knowledge, saying that Left 4 Dead will be coming to the Xbox 360, PC, and the PlayStation 3. He quickly adds that while it hasn't been announced, he knows it's coming out.

I touched base with Bryan,...

Lair 2.0 on the Way?

Lair 2.0 on the Way? 50°
368w ago - Although Factor 5's 3D action flying game Lair has been available for months, players who could never come to grip with the Sixaxis controls may have a more traditional solution waiting in the wing.

Recently, F5 president Julian Eggebrecht chatted with us about Lair's mixed reception at the marketplace and hinted at a future enhancement to the game.

"Well, obviously we've got this huge gap there where basically if you read more casual comments -- on Amazon, for example -- to the overwhelming degree they are pretty positive. I think that everybody who got the controls actually enjoyed the game. I think the IGN review was probably the most scathing. I didn't think you left one good hair with that nice 4.9, which opened up so many great jokes. But on a more serious level, I think that people who actually got it had something really going going there," said Eggebrecht about Lair's critical reception.

"What's disappointing to me is that almost every single person in and outside of the industry who is little bit more of a hardcore gamer had a huge problem with it, and we, quite frankly, didn't anticipate that. I hope that a lot of people realize that underlying the problem they had with the base control, there actually was a really good game there. That's at least what I think. Well, what else...

Rumor: Ace Combat 6 Flying to PS3 In 2008?

Rumor: Ace Combat 6 Flying to PS3 In 2008? 50°
369w ago - This rumor comes from Playstation 3 magazine PSM3. PSM3 is part on online gaming website CVG.

In their feature "2008 year of the ps3" I noticed something interesting.

Among the games listed one poped out the most, Ace Combat 6 with this written below:

"Japan's favourite dogfighting series returns with a new made-up war, a brace of superweapons, online co-op and a custom controller for the superfans."

Could this be a miss print even though there is a picture and writting to go with it or do they know something that we don't and that Namco will be annoucing this for the PS3 soon.

No pause option for Dead Space?

No pause option for Dead Space? 50°
369w ago - In space no one will hear you pause, take a few deep breaths and revive yourself, before continuing. Or at least that's an option EA's dev team is looking at for its upcoming survival horror game, Dead Space.

We've all done it, or at least been comforted by the fact that if the rabid dogs in Resident Evil got a little too much, you could hit pause, calmly cycle through your inventory and ram a few health packs down your throat. You're now able to take a few more bites to the leg before seeing the You Died message. Well done you.

If they weren't so vicious, you could try and pat the nice doggies on the head for stopping their hellish onslaught and allowing you to revive yourself so you have a better chance of killing them. If they could talk though, they'd probably call you a cheater. So would the zombies. Imagine if enemies could pause you and heal themselves.

But after playing EA's very promising Dead Space yesterday, we were surprised to hear the developers talking about omitting that option completely so you won't be able to pause the game, revive, and take a breather.

Dead Space's in-game inventory system has been designed to make everything the player does an activity. As noted, games like Resident Evil allow you to pull up the inventory menu and have a breather to boost your...

PS3 and Xbox 360 to fight it out on GTA IV

PS3 and Xbox 360 to fight it out on GTA IV 50°
369w ago - The console war between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 is heating up daily. And this week Microsoft Game Studios boss, Shane Kim, has come out with some fightin' words with regard to the imminent launch of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. He claims that the launch of GTA IV could be a deciding factor in which console wins the sales battle in the long-run.

Kim told Wired that Microsoft sees the latest GTA game as a key battleground for the two consoles. "We already own it, I believe, from a content standpoint, because we have the exclusive episodes," he said.

"And so Xbox 360 is still going to have the ultimate experience for GTA IV. But we have to make sure the customers know that. Especially if you look back, again, to the role of GTA III and what that played in terms of PS2's development - in Europe as well, because it was huge in Europe.

"That's a great opportunity for us. We need to take advantage of it."

Massive franchise

From what he said, it's obvious that Microsoft is preparing itself for a real battle over the next few months. GTA IV has a very good chance of being the best selling game of the year, partly because the franchise is hugely popular. But also because it's a cross-platform title, and will thus be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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