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First Look at Highlander on PS3

First Look at Highlander on PS3 100°
372w ago - We reported back in August about SCi gaining the licensing to create a Highlander game. Not much has been spoken on in regards to this title; however, a trailer has been released which will be viewable below.

The game is being developed by Widescreen and published through Eidos Interactive.

Here is the first trailer for the title:

The game is still set to span over 2000 years of story throughout the plot. You'll get to fight in such cities as Pompei, Japan, Highlands, and then finally New York.

In order to freshen up your minds, here are some of the features you can expect in the game.

* 4 distinct environments and 18 missions - Play in NY (near future), Pompeii before the eruption, Highlands in the medieval ages and Japan during the Samurai era - Epic Engine for high quality graphics
* 3 weapons to master - Katana, Claymore and Double Sword
* 9 navigations features - Dagger climbing, Ropes, Dynamic ladders, Swan dive, Freefall, Traverse climbing, Cannonball, Beams, Ziplines
* Quickening techniques - Resurrection, Chi balance (stamina), Weapon Mastery (Fireblade, Wind Fury, Stone Armor), Channelling the Source (charge up for powerful attacks)
* 77 characters - New main character - Owen Macleod,...

Forget the Wii, Zcam on the way for PS3!

Forget the Wii, Zcam on the way for PS3! 250°
372w ago - This device should be the new means of playing in the Wii sense of Gameplay.

Video can be seen here:


Bollywood is game for more

Bollywood is game for more 50°
372w ago - FXLab Studios has tied up with Yash Raj Films to develop an offline game based on Dhoom 2.

After movies on mobile phones, comes India's first movie-based video game for PCs. Indian game developers are looking to tap the popularity of Bollywood movies by building games around films and actors.

With 54 per cent of the Indian population below the age of 25, the country's only getting younger. And entertainment wizards are fast cashing in on the aspect.

FXLab Studios, a leading developer of high-quality game products for PCs and video game consoles, has tied up with Yash Raj Films to develop a video game titled D:2.5, based on the hit Bollywood thriller Dhoom 2.

This is the first time an Indian movie is being made into a full-length PC game. The game is set in a 3D world, featuring characters which resemble those in the movie.

Sashi Reddi, founder and chairman, FXLab Studios, says, "D:2.5 will boast of international AAA quality production standards. The offline game will stick to the storyline presented in the movie so that the gamers can expect an exciting finish with a chance to play skateboarding sequences and dance to the superhit songs".

D:2.5 is designed to give players the opportunity to assume the role of their favourite...

MS will remain tight-lipped on XBL status thanks to lawsuit

MS will remain tight-lipped on XBL status thanks to lawsuit 50°
372w ago - Major Nelson, on his weekly podcast, has revealed exactly why nothing has been said for a while about the Xbox Live issues that remain. Thanks to the lawsuit filed in Texas, it means Microsoft can no longer update us on the situation due to legal issues.

The on-going issues have plagued the service since the Christmas period; at times Live will randomly sign you out for no apparent reason, or the dashboard will take well over a minute to load up fully. Other problems have prevented games such as Call of Duty 4 from working properly in matchmaking

Throughout the issues though, Major Nelson has been a top source for updates thanks to his Twitter page, where he initially told anyone who cared that the Live team were working on Live, and that Live was fixed, and that Live was broken again. Not an informative status update, but it was nice to see something nonetheless. Now though, such information cannot and will not be disclosed because they simply are not allowed to.

This is a major blow for the Xbox community as it was at least nice to know that the issues were known about and were trying to be dealt with. Now we wait with baited breath for it to be fixed, without ever being told officially. Thanks, you Texas tossers.

Microsoft, Yahoo! acquisition may help Xbox business

Microsoft, Yahoo! acquisition may help Xbox business 50°
372w ago - The New York Post once again set the industry ablaze, reporting last week that Microsoft is still debating a potential acquisition of Yahoo!, a deal that some analysts believe will help the Xbox business.

In May of last year, Peter Lauria and Zachary Kuowe of the Post reported that "Microsoft has intensified its pursuit of a deal with Yahoo!, asking the company to re-enter formal negotiations."

With the estimated price tag of the acquisition at $50 billion, such a deal would narrow the gap in overall online ads with Google, as well as provide more content and features for Xbox Live and the Zune Marketplace.

"Aside from cost savings, a deal would also create opportunities to use Yahoo! content on Microsoft devices, such as making music exclusively provided to Yahoo! Music available on Microsoft's Xbox game console and Zune music player."

Rick Munarriz of The Motley Fool said that Microsoft needs to "turn a bleeder into a leader."

"Right now, running its online business at a loss is no big deal for Microsoft," Munarriz said. "It is carving out fat margins in its software stronghold, enough to more than offset any shortcomings in its online and Xbox subsidiaries."

However, Munarriz added that "Microsoft needs to wean itself off the...

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