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You searched the database for ps3 3.55 custom firmware. Below are the results for your ps3 3.55 custom firmware search:

PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.8.1 released! 50°
October 22, 2007 // 12:16 pm - Cpasjuste has once again updated his Custom Firmware Extender, which is a plug-in that allows users to take screenshots in the XMB or while playing a UMD game, capture in-game videos, access USB mass storage, and other various features.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.8.1

v1.8.1 Changelog:

- Fixed a bug in usbhost iso redirection, now normal mode (UMD inserted) is working great. No need to change anything in recovery, if you want more compatibility,...


PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.7 out now! 50°
October 7, 2007 // 10:07 am - Cpasjuste updated to CFW Extender v1.7 today, which includes:

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.7

v1.7 Changelog:

- Configuration file is back.
- Configuration file is simplified.
- Ftpd server is back.
- Option to load USB Mass storage at startup is back.
- Only one usbhost iso streaming method for now (no umd required).
- On Screen Display seems to be fixed.
- Video capture via the use of RemoteJoy should work...


Custom Firmware Extender 1.5 for PSP out! 50°
September 26, 2007 // 2:48 pm - By Cpasjuste, this update includes the following:

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender 1.5


- Compatible with psp slim and fat with m33 3.71 firmware.
- "5th" brightness level added for psp slim
- "Note + Volume Up" added to show buttons combo.
- Basic usbhostfs iso redirection added, usbhostfs_pc server work under linux and only in "OE isofs legacy" mode
accessible from recovery...


M33 release PSP Custom Firmware v3.71! 50°
September 23, 2007 // 4:39 pm - Today M33 released Custom Firmware v3.71 for PSP. From their Web site linked above:

Download: PSP 3.71 M33 CFW [Right-click & Save As, No Password]

"Official Announcement: 3.71 M33 Released. It will be our last but one release. In the near future, it will be released a Slim & Fat Unbricker, and a 1.50 kernel patch.

First of all, thanks for all your donations. It's time to make the Scene think into what has it turned. NOW you can look for guilty ones.

And, to finish, greetings to and all...


PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.4 released! 50°
September 22, 2007 // 4:06 pm - Cpasjuste has released an update to the multi-featured Custom Firmware Extender, a custom firmware plugin that allows users to run an ftpd from the PSP, access USB mass storage at startup, take screenshots in the XMB or while playing a UMD game, and now even capture in-game videos!

Download: Custom Firmware Extender 1.4


- Tested on M33 52-4 custom firmware.
- Fixed some bugs and probably added some.
- Capture folder for screenshots can now be...


PSP Custom Firmware 3.10 Wizards out! 50°
September 10, 2007 // 5:56 pm - From the ReadMe: - New Multi-Recovery Mode.

Download: Custom Firmware 3.10 Wizards


-Recovery Wizards
-Recovery M33
-Recovery WildCard
-Extra Applications

*Recovery Wizards:

New rcovery never sight, new extra options:

-Include all necesary files to make a recovery to firmware 1.50.
-Can create a Boot Recovery, can fit your Boot Recovery on your XMB.
-Flash 2 and 3 acces.
-Can make a backup from Flash 0,1,2,3.


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