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The PS2 Lives!

The PS2 Lives! 100°
371w ago - The Greatest Generation looks forward to its golden years.

Postpone the decorative-coffin-pillow shopping and drop out of your creative-epitaph writing classes; the old PS2 ain't dead. Despite the prognoses of many well-meaning analysts, the little console that helped you ring in the new millennium seven years ago may just make it through 2008. The sharp increase in both gas prices and the speed at which our female pop superstars age may tell us that we're living in a far different world than the year 2000, but one fact remains: Like all good things worth bingeing on, the PS2 is cheap and plentiful.

While the PS2 does lack the "oomph" of the new generation of consoles, when looking at the system's future release list, there's something to be said about the active life of seniors. The groundbreaking, blockbuster games of tomorrow, with their accompanying Internet arguments already going strong, obviously won't grace the meager PS2. However, the past few months have seen a few modestly awesome titles hit the little black box, and the next couple of months will see a few more. So don't go overboard and carve your old PS2 into a crudely fashioned Wii stand or take it out to the shooting range to see what its insides look like; the old boy could make it to next Christmas.

Before this celebration...

2 Days 2 Vegas Gameplay Demo video

2 Days 2 Vegas Gameplay Demo video 50°
371w ago - Here is the first look at 2 Days 2 Vegas in motion.


Video can be seen below:


Spiders in Controllers

Spiders in Controllers 50°
371w ago - Poisonous spiders have been found in video game controller made in Mexico and South American countries. So far no deaths have been reported but seven people in the United States, and three in Japan, were treated for potentially deadly bites. That number is expected to rise in the next few months due to systems purchased as Christmas presents.

By far the most vicious creature found in the controllers is the Clawskull Screaming Spider. This little monster lies in wait between the cracks of the buttons for a sweaty finger to pass by. Then it sinks its jagged fangs into the flesh and tears at it until it rips off a section, leaving the bone exposed. Those that have been attacked say the pain is unimaginable. Although it's named the "Screaming Spider," it's incredible stealthy and silent. It's the victim that does the screaming. You won't know it's there until part of your finger is missing.

Having video game components manufactured in Mexico and South American countries allows huge corporations to realize tremendous profits by taking advantage of the cheap labor wages. It's not the manufacturing of the items, it's the assembly that costs the most, in terms of wages for employees. It's cheaper to pay for hundreds of employees in third-world countries than it is to invest in an automated robotic...

Splinter Cell: Conviction PS3 dated?

Splinter Cell: Conviction PS3 dated? 50°
371w ago - The previously 360 and PC-only Splinter Cell Conviction is now also set for a simultaneous release on PS3, according major UK retailer GAME.

The site also pens the game to release on all three formats on April 1, despite previous announcements only stating a vague early 2008 release.

As we all know, retailers have a tendency to let slip on things publishers don't always want revealing. Just look at Konami's latest announcement of which first word came from a very similar posting.

However, Ubisoft UK has told CVG that neither a PS3 version of Conviction, or any proposed release date, have been confirmed by the publisher.

We knew that though, that's why we called. We'll keep the sniffer dogs out on this one...

White PS3 Coming To America

White PS3 Coming To America 650°
371w ago - Some filings over on the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Web site have revealed that Sony plan to manufacture the white, 40GB PS3 for the American market.

The first filings were made in October of last year, but were initially withheld from the public at Sony's request, so as to "avoid premature release of sensitive information prior to marketing or release of this product to the public".

The filings are, however, now clearly visible on the FCC's site, including pics of the Commission's testing rig and Sony's declaration that the white PS3 will be manufactured according to FCC regulations. Now all we need is a release date, and we're all set.

FCC Filing

Great news for people that want something else other than the standard black! A sleek, white system might be just what the doctor ordered for people looking to jump on the Playstation 3 Train. Let's just hope this announcement will soon go hand-in-hand with the $299 price drop.

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