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Far Cry 2 interview with Alexandre Anacio

Far Cry 2 interview with Alexandre Anacio 50°
370w ago - We've had lots of Far Cry 2-related news lately and we've no intention to stop, since this shooter is going to kick some serious ass this year (hopefully...). Recently we've stumbled upon an interview with Alexandre Anacio, from Ubisoft's Montreal Studios.

9Lives.be has an exclusive interview with Anacio about the history of Far Cry 2 and about the stage where the team is at now. Since the interview is in Dutch, we've searched for a translation and this is what we've come up with from Jay, a registered member of infarcry.com:

9lives: How long has the game been in development and how big is the team at the moment?
AA: We started about two and a half years ago. Originally the team consisted of 50 to 60 people, but now it's already over 150. That's a lot, but it's also because of the fact that the engine was developed completely in-house.

9lives: How far are along are you with the game?
AA: We have just entered the betastage. Which means all features are implemented in the code and we are now focusing on polishing and debugging the code. But content-wise the game is complete.

9lives: In Far Cry 2 you can choose between ten characters to play the singleplayer. How do they differ from each other?
AA: The difference is purely visual and background story: they all...

Mass Media Effect: Is the Mainstream Media bad for Gaming?

Mass Media Effect: Is the Mainstream Media bad for Gaming? 50°
370w ago - With the announcement last week by the NPD that the video game industry has vastly surpassed the movie industry in overall revenue growth, rising by 28.4% compared to the movies meager 1.8% in the U.S., the dawn of a new era is upon us.

Video games can no longer be considered children's toys or a passing fad, like the slinky. It seems that the games with which we grew up and still enjoy today are entering the mainstream of American culture. And kicking a little ass in the process.

The financial reports released late last week state that video games are now a 18.85 billion dollar a year industry, which is still expanding year by year with no end in sight. With so much money being raked in, the spotlight was inevitable. It was only a matter of time before video games became a hot topic of discussion.

Around water coolers throughout America, co-workers compare their high-scores in "Wii Sports: Bowling." In bars everywhere, groups of friends gather to rock out to "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band". Online players from around the world compete in everything from free-for-all death matches in "Halo 3″ to gridiron clashes in "Madden". Regardless of what you might think, it is not only America's favorite pastime, it is quickly becoming the world's favorite way to relax and unwind...

HAZE Release Date plus HAZE for PC Official?

HAZE Release Date plus HAZE for PC Official? 50°
370w ago - According to Gamestop, Haze will be releasing May 21,2008.

The game is also coming to the PC according to Gamestop, however, this word is not yet official so don't get your hopes up until we get word directly from Ubisoft.

More to come!

MS has been talking to Blu-ray all along

MS has been talking to Blu-ray all along 50°
370w ago - Xbox marketing bigwig Jeff Bell says Microsoft has been talking to Blu-ray about the possibility of a partnership all along.

He was speaking about Warner Bros.'s recent decision to exclusively pick the Sony-championed disc format, and did not rule out the possibility MS will adopt it at some point in the future.

"We've been talking to Blu-ray all along because we have the best piece of software in the business, called HDi. It is the backbone that powers interactivity in HD-DVD and we have that available to potentially partner with others," Jeff Bell told 1UP.

"You never say never. I think we'd like to see how things evolve. Our commitment, however, to HD-DVD is profound and consistent, and we have done very, very well in term of our accessory sales."

Microsoft still counts Universal, Paramount and DreamWorks among the supporters for HD-DVD, and Warner Bros. continues to be one of the largest contributors to its IPTV service.

Interestingly Bell also highlighted the relationship between Microsoft and Sony, as its rival uses Windows software on its laptops and what not. They do more talking than you might expect. Bell calls it "coopetition".

Xbox Live Video Marketplace launched last December in the UK, offering downloadable films for digital rental; you splash...

Interview with project leader Haden Blackman

Interview with project leader Haden Blackman 50°
370w ago - Check out this IGN Interview with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed project leader Haden Blackman.

He explains the exciting new changes to the force on this promising looking multi-platform game and also see some great gameplay!

Video can be seen below:


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