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You searched the database for ps3 4.53 custom firmware. Below are the results for your ps3 4.53 custom firmware search:

PSP Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 and M33-2 Fix Released! 100°
January 14, 2008 // 2:35 pm - Update: Dark_AleX has now released a 3.80 M33 1.50 Add-On for FAT PSPs running 3.80 M33 only.


- Copy the files in the release to a directory called anything BUT UPDATE
- Move the directory you created to /PSP/GAME/.
- Get the Sony 1.50 update and copy it to the root with name "150.PBP"
- Run the program and done.

3.80 M33 includes a new feature to update the firmware directly via Network Update, however this will not work for this 1.50 Add-On as it...


Custom Firmware 2.01-DC for PS3 50°
December 16, 2007 // 2:59 pm - The first Custom Firmware for the PS3, made by DC-Team!!


PSP Custom Firmware v3.73 HX-1 released! 50°
December 12, 2007 // 9:24 pm - _HellDashX_ has released a new version of his PSP CFW today, specifically v3.73 HX-1 (BETA).

Consisting entirely of his own IPL, the updater is compatible with both PSP/PSP Slim and will check automatically upon launching it.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware v3.73 HX-1

Changes include all of the changes and features in 3.73, along with correcting a VSHCTRL bug (corrupt icons in VSH 'Game'), and as a safeguard the updater will backup the current config files...


PSP Custom Firmware 3.71 M33-4 released! 100°
December 12, 2007 // 2:02 pm - Update: Dark_AleX has followed up with a Multi-Disc Popsloader Bugfix to the new POPSLoader, fixing the following bug:

When selecting a firmware for a multi-disc game, the setting was being remembered for any other multi-disc game too.

Dark_AleX has released an update to Custom Firmware 3.71 M33 today which adds full support for multi-disc PSOne games and includes various bug fixes concerning POPSLoader. The full changelog can be found below:

Download: PSP Custom...


PSP Custom Firmware 3.72 HX-2 released! 50°
November 16, 2007 // 5:25 pm - _HellDashX_ has updated to CFW 3.72 HX-2 today! Below are the translated release notes:

PSP CFW 3.72 HX-2 (Full) / PSP CFW 3.72 HX-2 (Mini)

MINI UPDATE INSTALLATION: This updater will update your 3.72 HX-1 to 3.72 HX-2.

Put the EBOOT.PBP in the folder PSP/GAME/UPDATE.Run it, it will flash the new files.

FULL UPDATE INSTALLATION: This update will install 3.72 HX-2 on PSP's from 3.71...


PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.92 released! 50°
November 11, 2007 // 4:40 pm - Cpasjuste has updated his Custom Firmware Extender plug-in again today, fixing two small bugs and adding an additional configuration parameter to the "cfe.config" file for disabling or enabling text transparency.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.92


* Fixed a stupid bug with nethost in cfe_vsh that was causing to always connect to the
computer IP address "″
* Fixed a bug with usbhost iso streaming while...


PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.9 out now! 50°
November 9, 2007 // 6:22 pm - Cpasjuste has released an update to his Custom Firmware Extender, an all-in-one custom firmware plug-in that allows users to take screenshots in the XMB or while playing a UMD game, capture in-game videos, access USB mass storage, and other various features.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.9

New in Version 1.9:

- Some change to be compatible with 3.71 M33-3
- Added ISO and homebrew redirection via WiFi with the use of dark alex nethostfs


PSP Custom Firmware 3.72 HX-1 out now! 50°
November 6, 2007 // 1:35 pm - Move over Dark_AleX (unless it's yet another alias of his like 'M33' lol, as the HX-1 Recovery Menu shows M33), Spanish developer _HellDashX_ has released a new PSP Custom Firmware based on Sony's latest firmware update - 3.72.

According to the author, all features from the previous M33 release have been left intact and minor code changes were made to support the 3.72 kernel.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 3.72 HX-1

Installation (must be currently running at least...


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