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First story details of Nanashi no Geemu 50°
April 27, 2008 // 4:41 pm - Last week Square Enix has announced a new horror game for the Nintendo DS. Until now we only saw a couple of screenshots, but knew nothing about the story besides the fact it is similar to The Ring.

That's about to change as the first story details were translated from the game's official Web site.

Study of traverse region information:

It is my theory that, in addition to other media such as traditional culture, visual media, and audio media, the human psyche is also a form of media.

According to this theory, both the electrical signals used...


Studio Archcraft talks Project Exile, WiiWare Plans & More! 50°
April 27, 2008 // 4:37 pm - Studio Archcraft came into the public eye when it originally revealed its plans for an elaborate role-playing experience for the Game Boy Advance called "Project Exile". Now the game has strong backing, has been moved to the Nintendo DS and has been developed considerably since its original conception, as well as receiving a new name, Cubedł decided to catch up with the team to see exactly what was going on and what future plans were on the cards...

Cubedł's Adam Riley: First of all, can you tell our readers how big the team is on this project, and how long the game has been in...


World of Destruction unveiled by Famitsu 50°
April 23, 2008 // 6:00 pm - Magazine Famitsu reveals in its pages a new novel Thursday.

This is a new RPG title from SEGA, and the first images of it via scans (of average quality) can be found below.

More images are also linked above. Enjoy!


ESRB Listing Reveals New DS Castlevania Title 50°
April 14, 2008 // 7:50 pm - A new listing on the Entertainment Software Rating Board's Web site indicates that a new title in Konami's long-running Castlevania series is heading to the Nintendo DS.

Entitled Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the title was also recently discovered in an entry in the US Patent and Trademark Office's database which revealed the game's title and logo.

Previous Castlevania appearances on the Nintendo DS platform include Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, released in 2005 and 2006, respectively. A third title in the 2D adventure series was confirmed as in development...


Nintendo: Wii inventory starting to improve 50°
April 10, 2008 // 7:51 pm - Cammie Dunaway of Nintendo of America has said that they have seen their Wii inventory start to improve over the last few weeks.

"We see entirely new demographics coming into video gaming," said Cammie Dunaway of Nintendo of America.

"It makes us excited about the year ahead. We continue to be committed to getting as many into the marketplace as we can." said Dunaway.

Analysts had previously predicted the inventory would improve to support the release of big games such as Wii Fit and Boom Blox in May.


DS Piracy haul finds discs worth 6,000 GBP a piece! 50°
April 10, 2008 // 1:42 pm - Tut, tut. Walton Street market in Hull is the location of the latest raid by Trading Standards to show up a huge quantity of pirated DS games destined for sale to the public.

The haul was massive, turning up discs ELSPA forensic experts have apparently never seen before in the UK. Some 85,000 discs, marked 'Volume 9 DS Games', were seized in total and, it transpired, each held 200 current DS games.

That's about £6,000's worth of games on one disc.

"Piracy costs the games industry dear - just like that of any other entertainment industry," John Hillier,...


BBC iPlayer video service 'Nintendo Wii deal' announced 50°
April 10, 2008 // 1:32 am - The BBC's iPlayer video service will soon be available via the Nintendo Wii. The video download and streaming service that lets people catch up with BBC programmes will soon be a channel on the hugely popular game console.

Early versions of the service will be available from 9 April but more polished software will be released as the service is developed. The BBC is still at loggerheads with internet service providers (ISPs) over who should pay for extra network costs.

ISPs say the iPlayer is putting strain on their networks, which need to be upgraded to cope. Simon Gunter,...


Pay and Play: Step up for Nintendo WFC, or crash and burn? 250°
April 8, 2008 // 4:36 pm - GDC 08 was a nice place for some little announcements for Nintendo. Around GDC, Nintendo announced official release dates for Wii Fit and WiiWare. They also announced another interesting feature...

Nintendo Pay and Play is a new feature that will likely go on a game by game basis. Games that feature the blue Nintendo WiFi Connection logo will support free online play. Games with the Red WiFi logo will support Pay and Play.

Of course, this was all announced a couple of months ago, and everyone likely knows about it. But lets take a look at the the good features that could...


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