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Video: First ever Silent Hill 5 in-game footage

Video: First ever Silent Hill 5 in-game footage 50°
377w ago - Unseen gameplay, and how you would see it in game... i.e. behind the main character uploaded courtesy of gaffyh.



Silent Hill 5 - New Screenshots and Scans

Silent Hill 5 - New Screenshots and Scans 50°
379w ago - Here are some new exclusive screenshots and scans from German magazine PLAYZONE showing off more of Silent Hill 5, the renowned psychological horror series on next-generation consoles.

The game thrusts players into a shadow world of chaos and terror with atmospheric high definition graphics and an original storyline that sheds new light on the desolate, fog-shrouded town of Silent Hill.

More screenshots can be seen at the link at top!

Silent Hill: Origins for PSP

Silent Hill: Origins for PSP 50°
382w ago - Considering Silent Hill 0rigins' troubled on-again/off-again development process, the final product has certainly turned out better than most Silent Hill fans expected. When initially revealed, this survival-horror prequel broke from series tradition with Resident Evil 4-inspired combat and a not-so-spooky aesthetic overhaul.

Thankfully, Konami had the foresight to dump that L.A.-based development team and completely reset the project, handing it over to a different team across the pond at Climax UK. Their version of 0rigins plays it awfully safe, wisely mimicking the fan-favorite early Hill games with exacting precision.

Here, you once again traverse the famously fog-shrouded burg, dividing your time between thwacking shambling monstrosities and solving fetch-quest puzzles in order to unravel your own dark destiny. As always, the audiovisual trappings provide most of the "wow" factor -- exploring the game's lushly detailed environments (both the dilapidated "real-world" locales and their hellish "other-world" mirror images) remains a thrill, even on the small screen. Until heavy hitters such as God of War and Crisis Core hit in 2008, this ranks as the best-looking game on PSP: Evocative lighting effects, impressive cut-scenes, and stylish grain filters set it apart from the pack. 0rigins also deserves...

Silent Hill V gameplay shots materialize

Silent Hill V gameplay shots materialize 50°
387w ago - We love to be unsettled by Silent Hill's nerve-jangling survival action, and this first proper batch of in-game shots prove Konami's horror formula still works on next-gen hardware, with our first view of extra-boobified nursebeasts and the new Schism monster.

If you're after info, why not check our data-burst from last week? Then you can hit the gallery and shudder in full understanding of the diabolically dire situation Silent Hill V will thrust you into. We can already feel the fear building...

New Silent Hill 5 scans to drool over

New Silent Hill 5 scans to drool over 50°
389w ago - Every time I see new screens, scans or videos of Silent Hill 5, I fall in love all over again. This game just looks so damn good, and if you want more proof, take a look at these new scans from Playzone magazine.

While Playzone doesn't give us any real new information about Konami's popular survival horror title, I'm sure some of you will be pleased just to see more scantily clad nurses.

Downloads: Hi-Res SH5 Scans / SH5 HD Videos

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