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ScrewAttack: Top Ten FPS Games Ever! 50°
359w ago - The most dominant genre in gaming today, Stuttering Craig takes a glimpse at the best of the best... EVER!

Video is courtesy of GameTrailers via

Enjoy guys!

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XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus Rapid Fire Function videos out! 50°
365w ago - Today we received word from the guys over at that they made a few videos demonstrating the XFPS Rapid Fire functionality.

You simply need to switch on the Turbo Keys and to obtain Rapid Fire. Yes, your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE to rule the game.

Also, XPFS 3.0 Sniper Plus allows you to remap any buttons from your controller to the keyboard....

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Has COD4 ruined the FPS genre? 50°
367w ago - Pop Quiz: What should you do if you make a game that breaks records and sets the bar so high that it will take another entire development cycle for game-makers to catch up?

If you're Activision's marketing director David Tyler, you brag your ass off. Speaking of the enormous success of Call of Duty 4, Tyler spoke to trade magazine MCV, including some words that were probably not too well-received at EA or Ubisoft.

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XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus for X-Box 360 available! 50°
369w ago - For X-Box 360 fans, the upgraded version of the popular XCM XFPS Sniper is now available, namely the XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus!

A video is also available HERE demonstrating how to map both of the 360 controller analog sticks to the keyboard.

XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus features include:

- Compatible...

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Ubisoft says there's no money in hardcore FPS games 100°
371w ago - Ubisoft will begin to distance itself from hardcore shooters from this point forward because it no longer sees the genre as a moneymaker.

Is this the future of Ubisoft?

Ubisoft game designer Phil Therien said his company would limit the amount of development time given to hardcore FPS games in the future because they no longer make enough money to be a viable business practice.

This isn't to say Ubisoft...

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Huxley Release Slides Back 50°
373w ago - Webzen has confirmed to IGN that the Xbox 360 version of the long awaited MMOFPS, Huxley, is roughly six months behind the PC SKU.

With localization of the Korean-developed game on PC expected to take around six months and the game due out overseas in the first half of this year, that puts the Xbox 360 release squarely in 2009.

For now, enjoy a newly-released trailer for Huxley featuring some exciting gameplay elements,...

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New XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter for PS3 videos available! 50°
375w ago - The folks over at have posted three new videos today of their XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter for PS3.

Check them out as follows:

XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter & Fighting Game

XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter & Racing Game

XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter & Controller Turbo

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XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter for PS3 videos available! 50°
377w ago - The guys over at posted a few videos of their new XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter for PS3 for those interested!

Check them out below:

How To Connect Video

Mapping Controller Button Keys To The Keyboard Video

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XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 arrives! 100°
379w ago - The guys over at let us know tonight that their new XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 has arrived!

Features include:

  • Compatible with all PS3 games.

  • Compatible with all versions of PS3 (NTSC/US, PAL, NTSC/JAP).

  • Can map the controller button keys to any key of the keyboard.

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    XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper arrives... with video too! 50°
    392w ago - The latest revision of the XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper is here, and offers even greater sensitivity, precision, and smoothness as demonstrated in their new Video HERE!

    For those who don't already know, the XFPS 360 (Instruction Manual)...

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