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Sony Still Considering Different PlayStation 3 SKU Options

Sony Still Considering Different PlayStation 3 SKU Options 50°
372w ago - With retailer reports indicating the impending discontinuation of the 80GB PlayStation 3, many are left wondering what will come to take the place of Sony's high-end console SKU. Supposed insiders are pointing to a new model with a 120 to 160GB hard drive and the new DualShock 3 controller, though Sony denies such plans.

The latest word, however, is that Sony itself has yet to decide on its next PlayStation 3 model. GameDaily cites...
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Rumor: Mass Effect for PC is on the way

Rumor: Mass Effect for PC is on the way 50°
372w ago - Until there's an official statement, this is slapped with a rumor tag, but one of our Destructoid Community Bloggers has seemingly discovered that his videogame store will be receiving copies of BioWare's Mass Effect for PC.

The discovery came from an EA newsletter which arrived at the store where Dtoider myaimistrue works. It lists the game as MASS EFFECT PC DVD 5030945065685 EAN07706226 TBC TBC ACTION 18+ 25 SWE ENG. Complying with...
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Fugger does 5.5GHz on Intel Skulltrail

Fugger does 5.5GHz on Intel Skulltrail 50°
372w ago - Since today is the Intel Skulltrail day, we can see a lot of previews/reviews of this new dual four-core beast, otherwise known as Intel's pride and honor. But only one man went as far as 5.5GHz, Fugger from XtremeSystems.

With a little help from K|ngp|n's F1 cooling system, which is actually an LN2 pod, Fugger managed to push this beast's heart all the way up to 5.5GHz.

Since Intel's Skulltrail is Socket 771 with LGA 775...
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Gamer dies while trying to flee PSP attackers

Gamer dies while trying to flee PSP attackers 50°
372w ago - In Miami-Dade County, Florida, police have arrested two teens for fatally attacking a 17-year-old boy over his PlayStation Portable (PSP).

According to an arrest report from Miami-Dade Detective Elvey Melagarejo, James Felton-Maitland, 17, was walking home from the library during Christmas vacation of last year.

Jamila "Jam" Brown, 19, and Keith Lebrone Goa, 17, were "loitering on the library grounds and saw the victim...
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5 Ways to Break Your 360

5 Ways to Break Your 360 350°
372w ago - The Xbox 360 had one of the strongest years in console gaming, second only to the Nintendo Wii, the charming console for the whole family. But amidst all the success and the record-breaking sales, an ugly demon reared its head as well, the 'Red Ring of Death.'

The Ring of Light on the front of the Xbox usually greets us with its swirling green lights accompanied by the faint hum of the Xbox whirring to life. Sometimes, it doesn't....
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