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Top 5 Game AI Trends For 2008

369w ago - For those gaming geeks and tireless Computer Science majors who love to hear what the newest innovations are in the technical department of the industry, Gamasutra had a fascinating special feature article focusing on Artificial Intelligence, that subtle but very important part of a game that can make or break a game depending on its execution.

Here is that article for you guys to enjoy:

The topic for the developer discussion two weeks ago was What Trends in Game AI Do You Anticipate for 2008? Here's a quick summary of the discussion, including comments and personal opinions, as well as tips to help you make the most of 2008.

The first few predictions cover the AAA games industry and how AI is going to affect the design of games made, both on next-gen consoles and PC.

The latter predictions go into more technical details, which applies to lower budget and independent games too.

1. Cooperative AI

Developers are getting much better at building cooperating groups of enemies. But in 2007, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 pushed the boundaries of character interaction with Alyx, gathering great reception from the players. HL2E2, in fact, was given the 2007 AiGameDev.com Award for Best Game AI last...

Microsoft Addresses Halo Wars Rumor

369w ago - While Halo 3 fans finish the fight online, the good folks at Microsoft's Ensemble Studios are hard at work on the next fix in the franchise - the Halo Wars real-time strategy game.

And if a report on the gaming web site Angry Pixel is to be believed, the final game will support cross-platform play between the Xbox 360 and PC versions. Yep, we know - a PC version of Halo Wars hasn't even been announced yet. We'll let Angry Pixel explain:

"Halo Wars, touted as an Xbox 360 exclusive, is also apparently in development for the PC. But that's not all - apparently the game will also feature cross-platform play, a la UNO and Shadowrun, between gamers on the Microsoft console and their PC counterparts," the site reports, citing one of its "friends over at Microsoft."

Update: We contacted Microsoft to see if their was any truth to the rumor, and a company rep told us there's still no PC version of the game planned, effectively nixing any possibilty of cross-platform PC/360 play.

"Halo Wars is being developed from the bottom up for the Xbox 360 and its control scheme to ensure that we deliver a groundbreaking console RTS experience. Given that, we have no plans to develop 'Halo Wars' for Windows Vista at this time," Microsoft said.

When we previewed Halo Wars at the Games Convention...

Producer Talk Tekken 6 At Taipei Game Show

369w ago - If there is one 3D fighting game that I must buy, it's always the Tekken series, Tekken in chinese sounds much cooler than Virtua Fighter and I thought the character design was awesome as well. Katsuhiro Harada, series producer including latest entry, Tekken 6, was at Taipei Game Show 2008 last weekend on SCET's (SCE Taiwan) invitation and talk to visitors about life and the game itself.

While there is no further news on Tekken 6, it's good to know that the developers are quite deep into porting the arcade version to the PS3 and the online mechanisms being worked on. Harada also shared the story behind developing the series, saying Sega's Virtua Fighter is the main inspiration for the game back in 1994.

On to the content of the subsequent games in the series, Harada says that most of them are feedbacks from players. And yes, Roger Jr., the kingaroo and panda are all requests by fans of the series. All the characters from the previous games in the series will be making their PS3 debut, this is because every characters appears to have their very own fans and the developers are terrified that a girl threatened to kill herself after news of her favorite character being dropped.

As for the online modes, the experience of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online has given them enough knowledge...

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Preview

369w ago - The first Rainbow Six Vegas was a breath of fresh air when it dropped in late 2006. In an attempt to streamline a series that was once focused on planning phases and punishing diffuculty, Ubisoft designed Rainbow Six less like a real world tactical op and more like an episode of 24. The end result was a great mix of action and strategy, and offered up a killer multiplayer experience.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesn't appear to be reinventing the series as much as the first game did. In fact, to the untrained eye you'd probably think you were looking at the same game. But beneath the graphics and gameplay, whose tweaks are minor but appreciated, some very nifty additions have been made that are sure to enthuse just about any member of the Rainbow team.

First of all, experience. A couple years ago the concept of "gaining experience" in an FPS just meant that you knew where the Redeemer spawned in Deck 16 in Unreal Tournament. These days developers have introduced more incentive to play and replay their games. The original Rainbow Six Vegas unlocked new weapons and character options as you played more of the multiplayer, while Call of Duty 4 unlocked weapons, camo patterns and attachments while online. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 remains on the experience bandwagon, but throws a bit of a curveball, allowing you to gain...

Feature: Resistance 2 vs Killzone 2

369w ago - It's a Dual Shock-shooter showdown! We load you up on all the details on two of the PlayStation 3's biggest titles of 2008.

Master Chief may have pwned 2007, but he's about to get trounced by two heavyweights. Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are slated for a fall release, priming 2008 to be the banner year for shooters. Even better, PlayStation 3 should see a big boost due to the exclusivity of these games to the console.

Both are gunning for the spotlight, but it will be up to gamers to decide which comes out in the lead. We dissect both shooters, giving you a heads-up as to what you can expect from two of this year's most anticipated titles.


Resistance 2

A shooter isn't a shooter if it doesn't have cool weapons. Resistance had them in spades, which isn't surprising given Insomniac's track record of packing tons of awesome weapons in its Ratchet and Clank games. The company has remained quiet on what firearms will populate the sequel's arsenal, but we're fairly certain everything from the original will make a return.

Standards like the M5A2 Carbine and L23 Fareye sniper rifle fulfill the need for some real firepower; however, it's the experimental weaponry that gets our interest piqued. Hedgehog grenades better be returning in Resistance 2 so we...
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