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PSP Firmware Update v3.72 released! 50°
391w ago - Today Sony has released PSP Firmware v3.72. The changelog only includes one addition as follows:

  • Support for PLAYSTATION®Network titles has been expanded

    Users can download the update below or direct through Network Update.

    PSP Firmware Update v3.72 (US)
    PSP Firmware...

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    New Wii Firmware update - Opera and Everyone Votes 50°
    393w ago - Today, the Wii recieved a number of updates. First off the Firmware Update will update your system to 3.1U/3.1E which allows to you click on links in messages to open the internet channel but not much more. The best updates come from Opera though with the Internet Channel now fully USB Keyboard Compatible. This means you can send favourites to friends and copy and paste text from a page into the search. No Changes for the Everybody Votes channel...

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    iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Out: Breaks 3rd-party Apps, Relocks iPhones and Partial Bricks 50°
    395w ago - Apple released the new firmware for the Iphone today. Along with some relatively minor bug fixes, it ensures that your Iphone will not be able to do anything cool that Apple didn't intend.

    Third party apps can not be launched, though they remain in the flash taking up space. People that have unlocked their phones to use providers other than AT&T can no longer use ANY SIM cards including valid AT&T ones!

    Needless to say,...

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    PS3 1.92 Firmware OFFICIAL Changelog... Best update yet? 50°
    397w ago - The PLAYSTATION®3 system software version 1.92 (with 1.90) update includes the following:

  • Customizing wallpaper (Theme Settings)
  • You can now display an image as the background of XMB™ (XrossMediaBar).
  • You can now use emoticons when creating messages under [Friends].
  • You can now enter text directly into text entry fields of Web pages using a USB keyboard.
  • Upsampled output of audio CDs...

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    PSP Firmware v3.71 Update released! 50°
    397w ago - Following the PS3 Firmware update today, Sony has also updated to PSP Firmware v3.71. Once again, although the official changelog isn't available just yet it's believed the only change is as follows in this revision:

  • A correction has been made to the settings for some regions.

    Download: PSP Firmware v3.71 Update (US)...

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    PS3 Firmware v1.93 Update released! 550°
    397w ago - As planned, v1.93 PS3 Firmware is now available below which should remedy the Network disconnect issue from v1.92 among other changes. There is currently no official changelog available, and props to both ibleedblue744 and vfxraven19 who let us know of the update!

    Download: PS3...

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    PSP Firmware v3.70 update out now! 50°
    398w ago - Although there is no official changelog just yet, PSP Firmware v3.70 is now available for download directly from Sony servers.

    Download: PSP Firmware v3.70 Update (US) / PSP Firmware v3.70 Update (EU)

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    PS3 Firmware Update v1.92 released!! 50°
    399w ago - As expected, PS3 Firmware v1.92 is out now!
    Changelog will follow when Sony updates with an official one.

    Download Links: 1.92 US / 1.92 EU

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