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Price Drop: Sub-$200 HD DVD Player from Toshiba?

384w ago - Just a year-and-a-half since they launched, high-definition players are breaching the $200 barrier. If reports on the Web are correct, HD DVD is poised to break the $200 mark before the holidays. Toshiba has told me there's no official pricing moves with regard to their MSRP; however, reports on the Web indicate Wal-Mart may be prepping to sell a $198 HD DVD player.

If so, this is a significant and aggressive move in favor of Toshiba and the HD DVD format: They would be delivering what--up until now--only a no-name manufacturer based in Hong Kong has promised. And even then, Venturer Electronics has yet to release its $199 HD DVD player to market.

Given the need for frequent firmware updates, a player such as the one posited from Venturer gave reason for concern: Would a company like Venturer, which outsources its technical support, be able to stay on top of the updates required as HD DVD discs evolve? Toshiba getting there is a whole other story, though: That's a big gun going out to the masses--complete with established and experienced technical support. Toshiba playing at the sub-$200 level makes the cheap high-def player far more interesting--even if that player is "only" capable of outputting at 1080i resolution (a drawback considering the movie content is presented at 1080p; HDTVs can deinterlace...

Asus launches tiny PC

384w ago - Asus has formally rolled out its Eee PC line of sub-notebook computers, a week after UK supplier RM - formerly Research Machines - spilled the beans on two of the models. The complete line-up comprises four computers.

All four models are based around the same 7in display; 900MHz Intel Celeron processor and chipset; 10/100Mbps Ethernet port and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi for internet access; HD audio; three USB ports; SD card slot; stereo speakers and microphone input; and a version of the Linux open source operating system, Xandros.

The basic model, the 2G Surf has a 2GB of Flash storage and 256MB of DDR 2 memory. The 4G Surf ups the storage to 4GB and the memory to 512MB. The next machine up, the plain 4G model, matches that spec but introduces a 0.3-megapixel webcam into the display's bezel. It also ups the first two machines' 2.8-hour, 4400mAh battery to a 3.5-hour, 5200mAh unit.

The top-of-the-range 8G builds on the 4G and is fitted out with 1GB of DDR 2 and 8GB of Flash in addition to the extras the 4G offers.

While the Eee PCs are designed to run Linux, they will operate with Windows XP too, and Asus has already posted a stack of drivers necessary for folk who do want to use the Microsoft OS. The on-board Linux distro comes with email, web browsing and internet radio apps, along with...

Meijer Goes All Blu-ray At Site

384w ago - Retailer says the format is outselling HD DVD by 4-1. Meijer, a Mideast-based electronics retailer with 180 stores, says it's now only carrying Blu-ray at its web site. That's according to an article by Video Business.

Dawn Bronkema, Meijer's director of e-commerce marketing, tells the publication that Blu-ray discs are outselling rival HD DVD by 4-1.

Consequently, Meijer.com now offers 300 Blu-ray titles, a near-complete catalogue of what's available in the format to date.

Despite the Blu-ray expansion, Bronkema says Meijer will eventually carry HD DVD at the site but current sales prompted the company to expand its Blu-ray inventory rather than add HD DVD titles at this point.

The retailer does offer a limited number of Blu-ray and HD DVD titles in its stores in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and other states in the Mideast, Video Business reports.

How to Play WoW with Xbox 360 Controller

384w ago - SwitchBlade is an easy-to-use application that brings a fully configured game controller interface to any PC game. Once SwitchBlade is installed, it provides a console gaming experience for the gamer looking for a new way to play popular PC games. The first game supported by SwitchBlade is World of Warcraft.

Video on this is available here.

Playstation 3 XDR Memory Architecture video

384w ago - The Rambus XDR™ memory architecture is a total memory system solution that achieves an order of magnitude higher performance than today's standard memories while utilizing the fewest ICs. Perfect for compute and consumer electronics applications, a single, 2-byte wide, 4.0 GHz XDR DRAM component provides 8.0 GB/s of peak memory bandwidth.

Video can be seen here. Key components enabling the breakthrough performance of the XDR memory architecture are:

XDR DRAM is a high-speed memory IC that turbo-charges standard CMOS DRAM cores with a high-speed interface capable of 4.0 GHz data rates providing up to 8 GB/s of bandwidth with a single device.

XIO controller IO cell provides the same high-speed signaling capability found on the DRAM, but adds additional enhancements like FlexPhase™ technology that eliminates the need for trace length matching.

XMC memory controller is a fully synthesizable logical memory controller that is optimized to take advantage of innovations like Dynamic Point-to-Point which provides for capacity expansion while delivering the signal integrity benefits of point-to-point signaling.

XCG clock generator provides the system clocks with four programmable outputs and is guaranteed to...
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