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Forget the motion-sensitive remote Microsoft, fix X-Box 360! 50°
373w ago - By now, the word has trickled into every crack and corner of the Internet that Microsoft is developing a motion-sensitive wand controller for its Xbox 360 console, and that the prototype design fairly resembles the wand available for Nintendo Wii.

Since MTV spilled the rumor Monday, dozens of publications have jumped on the story and twisted it into a balloon animal for their own purposes. Yahoo Tech thinks any wand remote built years after Xbox's debut would rate as little more than a second-rate accessory. NintendoRevolution thinks it's an April Fool's joke. PS3 says it's...

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Metal Gear Solid movie: big budget, could sell PS3's 50°
375w ago - Movie producer Mike De Luca has been talking about his plans for the Metal Gear Solid movie. He says that Kurt Wimmer hasn't yet been chosen to write the script for the game and that many are pitching their ideas on adapting the franchise.

He also said that Sony really want to make this movie work and that the movie could actually sell Playstation's as it is a synergy property. The budget for the movie is also said to be on the "bigger side of things" but not "crazy big".

To quote: Collider: So this is the question that every fan...I'm asking this for every...

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PS3 Golf Gadget aims to provide new levels of realism 50°
386w ago - Check out the following golf accessory which reportedly works with the PS3 and PC aimed at bringing extra realism to virtual golf games.

According to V4oLDbOY who shared the video, it's called the Golf Launchpad.

Video below:

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