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PlayStation Home Xi Has Now Moved Into the Real World 50°
316w ago - Today PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has announced that console-based adventure, Xi, isn't just on the PlayStation 3 - it's now happening in real life!

To quote: In the game, players have been finding dozens of clues to piece together the story. So far, the puzzles have all been in PlayStation Home or online in a series of Web sites. But now, clues are also appearing on billboards around the world.

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Alternate PS3 Update Checker v2 Now Available 300°
316w ago - Version 2 is now available.

Download: Alternate PS3 Update Checker v2

• More streamlined (K.I.S.S.).
• Settings load/save via ini file, which is auto generated on first run.
• Auto Start
• Start in Tray

Regardling Linux: My language of choice is Delphi. Usually I have good luck porting to...

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Rumor: PS3 Motion Sensing Remote is Now Completed 300°
317w ago - According to reliable insider sources at Kombo (linked above), Sony has already finished development of its motion sensing controller which is set to rival the Wii Remote.

Apparently, Sony is now seeking support from third party developers to integrate the motion sensing device into their game products.

To quote: We've heard the whispers and hints for quite a while now, but we can finally lay the doubt to rest. Our source,...

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Alternate PS3 Update Checker v1 Now Available 500°
317w ago - Inspired by PSPSwampy, I made an alternate version, which does not require .NET or any additional libraries. It is a very straight forward which will read the update list url, and parse it for the update.

It will download any update if possible if the versions do not match. The downloaded file will have the ps3 version number attached to the name (ie 2.6000_PS3UPDAT.PUP).

Once an update is found/downloaded it...

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USB iSO Loader v1.0 for Nintendo Wii is Now Available 750°
317w ago - Today Waninkoko announced news and a video (below) of a USB iSO Loader v1.0 for the Nintendo Wii console.

Shortly following, it was apparently leaked at

Those interested can grab it below, however, be aware is it possible to brick your Wii resulting from it's misuse.

Download: USB iSO Loader...

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Hands-On Preview: Batman: Arkham Asylum is Now Available 100°
317w ago - This has genuine potential to be the best Batman game ever produced.

I had fairly high hopes for this game... Now, having actually played the thing for a bit, I'm feeling more and more confident that those expectations will be met.

A recent hands-on with some preview code allowed me a chance to test out two of the game's challenge modes - one based on combat, the other focused on what the developer calls Invisible Predator...

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GameSpy Online Gaming Technology Now Available to Indie Devs 50°
317w ago - Small and independent developers can now access advanced GameSpy technology, with the first title from the program being Buccaneer by Blitz Games.

Press Release: SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 27, 2009 - GameSpy Technology, the video game industry's leading provider of online gaming services, today announced the availability of a new pilot program, GameSpy Indie, designed to support independent game developers and advance innovation in online-enabled...

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ABGX360 v1.0.1 is Now Available for XBox 360 Console Users 50°
317w ago - Seacrest recently released an updated version of his excellent ABGX360 app wich will be "THE Ultimate Tool" for Xbox 360 ISOs and Stealth files.

Download: ABGX360 v1.0.1 / ABGX360 v1.0.1 [Mirror]

Changes affecting all platforms:

• Added PFI/Video exceptions for "Disney...

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iR Shell 5.0 Update is Now Available for the PlayStation Portable 50°
317w ago - PSP developer Ahman has now updated to iR Shell to v5.0, which includes the following changes:

This release is for PSP Slim & Lite only. It introduces an Advanced Multi-tasking feature which allows you to run 2 applications simultaneously and switch between them with a hot key.

Of course, you can still multi-task these 2 apps together with iR Shell build-in functions.

Download: iR...

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LibMii Development Library v0.3c for Nintendo Wii Now Available 50°
318w ago - Mjbauer95 has released an update to his development library for the Nintendo Wii that allows homebrew developers to use the Mii's (the characters you create using the Wii that are commonly used in commercial games) in their games, applications, etc ...

Download: Libmii 0.3c / Source

To quote: What...

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