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PSW: Konami rep confirmed MGS 4 demo may hit in February

PSW: Konami rep confirmed MGS 4 demo may hit in February 50°
371w ago - Update: I e-mailed the editor of PSW and asked him to confirm that this is true, and he replied that a Konami Rep confirmed that the build they played will be on PSN sometime in relation to the games release. If the game stays on track as Konami has said so far then it should arrive around Feb as the magazine states.

A journalist decided to e-mail the PSW magazine editor who indicated that a MGS 4 demo will hit PSN next month. The editor replied by stating that at the time of writing the article a Konami rep told PSW that the demo they played in the office would be appearing on the PSN store.

However the release of the demo could depend on the game's actual final sale date but February is very possible.

To quote: At the time of writing the article a Konami rep told us a demo, the demo we played in our office for the magazine article, would be on the PSN Store.

It's finished, we played it, so something should be appearing this month. It could all depend on the game's final on sale date, if it has moved to May then a demo could appear later, possibly February.

PlayTV: Watch, record and replay digital tv on your PS3!

PlayTV: Watch, record and replay digital tv on your PS3! 100°
372w ago - Sony have released a video of PlayTV in action. Watch, record and replay digital tv on your PlayStation 3!

Video below, courtesy of Dolphgb:


Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-ray support

Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-ray support 50°
374w ago - Apple Inc. at this month's Macworld Expo will will outline a high-definition video strategy that will see its weight thrown further behind Sony Corp's Blu-ray DVD format as opposed to Toshiba's HD-DVD, according to one Wall Street analyst.

In a report issued to clients early Thursday morning, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu cited sources who say the Cupertino-based Mac maker, which already occupies a seat on the Blu-ray consortium, is set to begin shipping some of its computers with support for the next-generation DVD format.

"We believe this is a key announcement as current Macs ship with the DVD format and Sony gains a strong ally in Blu-ray," the analyst told clients. He added that Disney, for which Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is a Director, is a firm supporter of Blu-ray, while rival Microsoft Corp. has placed most of its eggs in the HD-DVD basket.

However, Wu hedged his bets somewhat, saying there is "a smaller chance Apple may use a combo Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive to ensure full compatibility and not get involved in the format wars."

Apple, which markets a complete line of HD content creation tools for consumers and professionals, announced in March of 2005 that it had joined Blu-ray Disc Association. Since then, however, the company has observed much of the...

GamingIndians’ PlayStation Experience Report

GamingIndians’ PlayStation Experience Report 50°
380w ago - Whoever said Microsoft was the only one serious about hosting game events to promote their flagship console baby, should check out Sameer's excellent hand-on report on Sony's Playstation Experience in Mumbai - which include dozens of pictures and even some shaky-cam style video clips.

My one and only favorite! Man, now I wanna see one of these in Delhi too. But they better not make me have to sit in those retardedly small go-karts, or have me sit on the floor to play a bunch of friggin' shooters. And would've it killed the event organizers to throw in extra controller for the games that had support for it? Make it so, Sony, make it so!

Update: Wow, it looks like one of our own attended the event as well! Even though Roshan couldn't make it because of a bad mushroom-induced fever, his sister Mary D'Silva was nice enough to do his job and enjoy herself at the event with Need For Speed: ProStreet, MotorStorm, Ratchet & Clank: Deadlocked and good ol' Resistance.

Pity she couldn't get her hands on Uncharted or R&C Future: Tools of Destruction, thanks to some spoilsports that stuck to the gaming stations like leeches. And no, before you ask, she didn't embarrass herself by playing SingStar! And she took PICS, YAY! Thanks, Mary!

Halo 3: Xbox Disc Replacement Program

Halo 3: Xbox Disc Replacement Program 50°
388w ago - If, for any reason, you have a damaged Microsoft® Xbox 360™ disc and like to replace it, please review the information below: THIS PROGRAM IS GOOD ONLY FOR XBOX 360 CONSOLE OWNERS IN COUNTRIES WHERE XBOX 360 IS SOLD AT AUTHORIZED RETAIL LOCATIONS.

This program only applies to games where Microsoft is the publisher, and is subject to availability. To check and see if your game is available for replacement, please review which Microsoft products currently fall under this program HERE.

You will need to print and complete the program form. For additional terms and conditions on this policy, please review the Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: This program covers the Halo 3 Limited Edition Game Disc and Essentials Disc at no charge through 12/31/07.

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