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Videos: XCM XFPS Fire Light Gun for PS3, Arrives Next Week 100°
259w ago - The guys over at have announced today that their new XCM XFPS Fire Light Gun for PS3 will arrive next week, and they have posted up some videos (below) of it in action!

Similar to the previously released XCM XFPS Storm Light Gun for PC, the XCM XFPS...

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Sony SingStore PS3 Releases for the Week of May 6, 2010 50°
260w ago - SingStar Content Manager Nina Scherer of London Studios has posted up this weeks SingStore PS3 releases today, as follows:

Hope you had a fun time with the songs from the last update or is that a silly question to ask?

A little bit of news first: after this week the regular SingStore update day will be moving from a Thursday to a Wednesday which will give you even more time to prepare yourselves for your SingStar parties...

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Kick-Ass for PS3 is Available on PSN in Europe This Week 200°
260w ago - Last week Kick-Ass for PS3 hit the North American PlayStation Store, and today WHA Entertainment's CEO/Founder Howard Horowitz has announced it will also be available on the European PSN Store this week.

To quote: This is WHA Entertainment, the publisher for Kick-Ass the video game, available Wednesday 5th May. The story line direction...

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Blue Toad Murder Files - New Episodes Coming to PSN This Week 50°
261w ago - Relentless Software Producer Jade Tidy has unveiled today that new episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files are coming to PSN this week.

To quote: Before we launch the final episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files, I thought I'd stop by and have a chat with you about your thoughts and theories on who might be the criminal mastermind in Blue Toad Murder Files. Or even if there is one villain...

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Videos: Record of Agarest War for PS3 Arrives on PSN This Week 200°
261w ago - Recently we reported that Record of Agarest War for PlayStation 3 requires nearly 10GB of PS3 HDD space to install, and today the title's Localization Editor Ben Bateman has shared some videos of the upcoming title in action.

To quote: I have come here today to talk to you about that very game, which is coming to the PlayStation...

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Video: Coming to PSN This Week: NormalTanks for PS3 and PSP 50°
261w ago - Beatshapers Founder and CEO Alexey Menshikov has shared a video announcement today that NormalTanks for both PS3 and PSP will be coming to PSN this week.

To quote: I started my video game career in 1998 as an audio designer, working on the Carnivores series, EA's Black and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and many more.

More recently, myself and key team members were responsible for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey for...

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Video: Coming to PSN This Week: Kick-Ass for PS3 50°
261w ago - Frozen Codebase President Ben Geisler has revealed alongside a video trailer that Kick-Ass for PS3 will be coming to PSN this week.

To quote: Greetings and salutations, PlayStation readers! My name is Ben Geisler, and I'm the studio head of Frozen Codebase.

We're an independent developer and we primarily enjoy playing and creating action games. We've got a bunch...

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Video: MLB 10 The Show Predictions Begin This Week - AL West 50°
262w ago - SCEA PR Manager Eric Levine has revealed the first MLB 10 The Show predictions this week, which begin with the AL West, as seen in the video below.

To quote: This week begins our divisional prediction series utilizing MLB 10 The Show to simulate the 2010 season. First up is the American League West... with the Angels, Rangers,...

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The SingStore PS3 Releases for the Week of April 22, 2010 100°
262w ago - SingStar Content Manager Nina Scherer of London Studios has posted up this week's SingStore PS3 releases today, as follows:

The time has come... the Lady Gaga SongPack hits the store on Thursday including 'Bad Romance' and 'LoveGame'. These are also available for download as singles in case you already bought 'Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)', 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face'.

I know a lot of you have...

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Coming to PSN this Week: Capcom's Final Fight: Double Impact 500°
263w ago - Capcom's PR Specialist Jason Allen has revealed today to fans that Final Fight: Double Impact will be coming to PSN this week.

To quote: Capcom's ready to unleash the next masterpiece in its retro digital dynasty. Make way for Final Fight: Double Impact, hitting PlayStation Network with a vintage vengeance!

Starting tomorrow, April 15th, fans can own two incredible Capcom classic releases – Final...

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