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New Affil: PSPWallpapers4You.com - check them out!

New Affil: PSPWallpapers4You.com - check them out! 50°
391w ago - We added a new Affiliate to our Affiliates tab above today, and wanted to pass word along for those with PSPs to check out http://www.PSPWallpapers4You.com for some sweet wallpapers and more.. an example is below- YUMMY, eh?

No official TV cable for new PSP at GB launch

No official TV cable for new PSP at GB launch 50°
391w ago - Big new selling point... not for sale

Game retailers will not be receiving official TV cables for the new PSP when it launches in Britain on September 14. An official spokesman for national retail chain GAME told GamesRadar that the cable, which is needed to play PSP games on a home TV set, would not be available at launch and that it was unknown when official units would arrive. It was also revealed that there won't be any colour choices available at launch - it's black only for now, with Ceramic White (and presumably the promised Ice Silver version) to follow at an unspecified date.

It seems odd that Sony would release the new model of PSP in Blighty without letting gamers enjoy its best new feature from day one. It's worth noting that PS3 doesn't ship with an HDMI cable (unlike Xbox 360 Elite), but this isn't just a case of 'doesn't have one in the box'. Apparently they just won't be available from the get-go.

We have also learned that there will be two versions of the cable - the first being a composite version that will let you watch media content but not play games, and the second being a component cable, which will let you see all PSP content on your TV.

Yet another reason to buy a decent telly then. Incidentally, third-party cables will likely do the job just as...

Custom XMB Plug-in v2.31 for PSP out!

Custom XMB Plug-in v2.31 for PSP out! 50°
391w ago - Poisonhzkj updated CXMB to v2.31 which includes:

+ paf.prx/vshmain.prx/common_gui.prx support
+ .res/.pmf/.rsc file support
+ 3.40/3.52 CFW support

Download: Custom XMB Plug-in v2.31

Notice: u should use the uncompress prx, if u download a theme with compressed modules, u have to decompress it, so that cxmb could recognize them.

Notice2: use ms0:/cxmb/vsh/module/ (see? not *nodule*) for prx files and ms0:/cxmb/vsh/resource/ for rco files

Notice3: ms0:/cxmb/font/ for fonts, but actually it may cause ur browser some problem, and DO NOT put jpn0.pgf/kr0.pgf/gb3s1518.bwfon/ltn4.pgf here, it would bring u some unknown problems. ^-..-^

Sony PSP Slim Hands-On Report

Sony PSP Slim Hands-On Report 50°
391w ago - The new PSP is a slimmer, lighter version of the original, with a few new features. The system plays the exact same games, but now it has a video output port that lets you connect the PSP to an external display, such as an HDTV, for big-screen playback. The system also has a simplified UMD loading tray, 32MB more system memory, lower power consumption, a smaller battery, and can now charge via USB. The new PSP will replace the current system this September. Systems will be available in Piano Black, Ice Silver, and Ceramic White. They'll come in various retail packages with a variety of bundle options that include pack-in games, UMD movies, memory sticks, and, in the case of the white PSP, a Darth Vader silk-screened battery cover.

The Ice Silver PSP will ship with the Daxter PSP Entertainment Pack.

While it was nice to check out the new PSP's redesigned features at E3, what we really wanted to do was pull out a few games and test how the new portable handles load times with its extra built-in memory and fancy UMD-caching system. That agenda was first in our minds when we opened up the shipping box, but we got sidetracked when we noticed that the background display color on the new PSP was different from the color on our original PSPs. It turns out that our new PSP actually has more background-theme color...

QPSPManager 2.0 released!

QPSPManager 2.0 released! 50°
391w ago - The_Bell updated to v2.0 today for PSP, with the following:

I wanted to let you know that I've released version 2.0 of QPSPManager. QPSPManager is a file manager for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It allows Application, Savegame, ISO and Video Management to keep a centralized way to manage the communication between your computer and your PC. Add, delete and copy applications, savegames, iso files and compress isos and videos to get them work in our PSP, all in one product!

The program includes a new feature: the Video Conversion, and now works on all three major OS out there: Windows, Mac and Linux (intel only for now).

It has been entirely rewritten in QT 4 version.

Download: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/qpspmanager/qpspmanager-2.0-full.zip

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