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Guitar Hero 3 Review 50°
391w ago - Have you had enough Guitar Hero yet? The sales totaling into the millions and growing every day say you haven't. Activision agrees. In 2007 alone we've already seen Guitar Hero 2 release on Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s on PS2, but that hasn't stopped the demand for more.

Enter Guitar Hero 3, the first in the franchise made by development studio Neversoft after the former team, Harmonix, was snatched up by MTV Games....

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Update: Someone Already Playing Mass Effect LCE?! 50°
391w ago - Update: Got an email saying that this person wasn't banned but "suspended" for a few days.

Got this picture via email... so that means there's people out there with the "Mass Effect Limited Edition" copy already. Also I heard that this "unknown" gamertag got suspended for a few days just because playing an advance copy on his Xbox 360.

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Secret Halo 3 vehicle revealed! 50°
391w ago - Everyone loves the replay feature in Halo 3. Everyone, except probably Bungie -- especially in cases like this video. This "new vehicle" can be found on the level with the first boss battle with the Scarab. Get two people into the dumpster, tip it over, then both players need to jump at the same time and watch as the dumpster becomes airborne. You can even steer the dumpster!

Awesome glitch, now my only question: How does someone stumble...

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Call of Duty 4 already out for sale in US? 50°
391w ago - Call of Duty 4 isn't meant to become available for another nine long days. But who's to stop the most hardcore of fans from getting their hands on the final version of the game prematurely?

Cruising through countless pages of video bonanza on Youtube today resulted in a startling discovery - a Best Buy retail store in Denver, Colorado has got four copies of Call of Duty 4 ready for sale.

Video can be seen here:

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HDMI vs. Component - What's The Difference? 50°
391w ago - Amid a global spectrum of high definition format battles, none is so misunderstood as the debate between HDMI and component video. Some videophiles expect HDMI to completely outpace the "vintage" analog format, while true experts in the field know there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each format.

This article will give you a better idea of the technologies that make up these video formats, and prove that the differences...

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Update: Leaked screens show IPTV and Fall update 50°
391w ago - Update: We just learned that Aaron just got his 360 back from Microsoft repair this week. We also know that his dash version isn't any different than the one that is already out (2.0.5787.0) leading us to believe that his 360 doesn't have the Fall update. But the new options are definitely related to the IPTV service as more options were discovered in his 360's settings. Need proof? Check out the two new screenshots we just added.

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Games On Sale Next Week! 50°
391w ago - Another massive list of releases! We have Guitar Hero III, Manhunt 2, Battalion Wars 2, Hellgate London, Virtua Fighter 5, Dementium and the list goes on.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Manhunt 2
Battalion Wars 2
The Simpsons Game
High School Musical: Sing It!
Hooked! Real Motion Fishing
Samurai Ghost
Ben 10: Protector of Earth
Super Air Zonk
Showtime Championship...

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First ever Condemned 2: Bloodshot gameplay footage! 50°
391w ago - It's easy to draw Manhunt and Condemned comparisons -- disturbingly-violent scenes, sneaking around in the dark, environment kills -- but after spending time with both games recently, we think we've found the line that separates the two.

In Manhunt 2, when you see characters running around in skull and pig masks, it's kinky. In Condemned 2, it's Halloween. Video below:


We stopped...

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Sakaguchi: 360's star is rising in Japan 50°
391w ago - With his company, Mistwalker, getting ready to release its second Xbox 360 exclusive RPG, Lost Odyssey, Hironobu Sakaguchi has claimed Microsoft has a big opportunity to generate serious hardware sales in Japan this Christmas.
Speaking exclusively in the latest edition of Edge magazine, Sakaguchi said Japanese gamers are taking their time warming to next-gen formats.

"Consoles like the 360 and PS3 have still to make a breakthrough...

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Microsoft has reported a quarterly profit in the Xbox’s Entertainment and Devices Division 50°
391w ago - As the segment aims for its first full year of profitability.

Microsoft posted unaudited operating income for its first quarter ended September 30 of $165 million in the Entertainment and Devices Division, compared to a loss last year of $142 million.

Microsoft has been reiterating that its Xbox business will be profitable throughout this entire fiscal year, a feat yet to be seen in Microsoft's videogame business.

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