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PS3 backwards compatibility to return?

367w ago - PlayStation 3 owners who don't have PS2 backwards compatibility may yet be able to enjoy the feature after a Sony executive hinted at its return.

At launch, all PlayStation 3 consoles boasted PS2 backwards compatibility - with the US and Japanese machines offering a hardware solution while the UK console featured software emulation.

However, Sony removed the feature in later editions of the console, including the 40Gb model currently on sale in the UK.

PlayStation network director Eric Lempell told EGM that the function could return for those PS3 consoles currently lacking it. "There are possibilities through technology and software emulation to make that possible," he said, but added that Sony has no "specific plans at this point".

New Sony, Ubisoft, Square Enix Trademarks Reveal New Games?

367w ago - Recent filings at the US Patent and Trademark Office may give us some insight into upcoming plans for a number of publishers. While not all filings eventually make it to actual product, there are a few interesting unknowns within. Leading the pack is Capcom's Wolf of the Battlefield which, while unannounced, may be the final name or part of the name of the company's top-down shooter Commando 3.

Sony Computer Entertainment has just registered In The Beginning There Was Darkness, a game we don't believe is based on the book of the same name, chronicling a blind man's life journey while reading the Bible. [Update: As commenter CONFUSEDGAM3R points out, this is part of the God of War: Chains of Olympus ad campaign. Thanks!] Square Enix has two new filings with Sigma Harmonics and My Life As A King, the latter of which may be a spin on the name of its announced WiiWare game.

Finally, it looks like Ubisoft has two new properties in the works, Aftershock and Strike Hawk. Why do both of those instantly sound like Tom Clancy branded games to me? Regardless, the first may simply be the post-earthquake survival game previously known as Alive. Go ahead, speculate!

Is PS3 Backwards Compatibility Dead? Maybe Not!

368w ago - The one version of the PlayStation 3 that currently supports PlayStation 2 software – via emulation of the "Emotion Engine" – looks like it's about to go the way of the dodo. Exactly how crushed should those of us be, should we want to experience PS2 classics on our future PS3s?

Oh, totally crushed for now, but the future may provide a glimmer of hope, backing us away from the ledge. PlayStation Network director Eric Lempell says there are "possibilities" the PS2 playing capabilities could come back to the gutted PS3 in the most recent issue of EGM.

When asked by the mag if the now BC-less console kills any chance of offering PS2 games via the PlayStation Store, as it does for original PlayStation games, Lempel said "We haven't talked about that yet, but there are possibilities through technology and software emulation to make that possibles."

Lempell chose not to talk about "specific plans at this point" but that doesn't mean we can't hope. And pray. And start online petitions.

The full interview, which is actually with Sony Computer Entertainment SVP of marketing Peter Dille – he says backward compatibility is "important to us" – is in the newest issue of EGM, which is in subscriber hands now. We hope that 1UP will publish the interview online, in-full, at some point...

Double Boost For Blu-ray Backers!

368w ago - The backers of the Blu-ray high definition DVD system have received a twin boost in their ongoing format war with HD DVD.

Best Buy - the US's largest consumer electronics chain - has announced it is to recommend that its customers choose Sony's Blu-ray format.

Its shops will carry HD DVD but Blu-ray will be displayed more prominently.

And online video rental company Netflix said it would phase out its HD DVD stock and exclusively offer Blu-ray.

Studio backing

Netflix has become the US's largest company in a fast-growing field - DVD rental by mail - and announced a year ago that it had made its billionth DVD delivery after just eight years in business.

It has stocked both Blu-ray and HD DVD since the formats came on the market in early 2006 but said it had been prompted to reconsider this after a majority of the major Hollywood studios came out in favour of Blu-ray.

Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers and MGM are the studios that have endorsed Blu-ray. Paramount and Universal Studios publish their high-definition DVDs in Toshiba's HD DVD format.

The company also said the reality was that not many customers were ordering HD DVDs. "From the Netflix perspective, focusing on one format will enable...

Destructible Environments, Where Art Thou?

368w ago - With all the fancy technology of the current console generation, you would think that there would be more attempts to give us a greater degree of destructible environments. This is a game mechanic that seems to have been over-looked to an alarming degree.

Flash back to E3 in 2005. The Playstation 3 shows an excellent line of up and coming titles. But I want to take a look at a specific game on that list. It was a first person shooter called Killing Day. Whatever happened to this game? Does anyone know? They showed it once and 3 years later we have yet to see anything more from it. If they canceled it, it would be such a shame. This game looked like it had a lot of potential. The game itself doesn't look that great, but the concept of using destructible environments as a game mechanic never fails to interest me.

This idea has the possibility of doing great things in level design and changing how we go about moving around in those levels. Red Faction was a good example of what could have been done. The Geo-mode system allowed you to literally blow holes in walls to make your own path. You could only use it on certain walls, but that was way back when the PS2 was just starting out. With the PS3 or 360, I can only imagine how much further it can be taken. I'm so tired of seeing the occasional 'breakable'...
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