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SKATE 2 coming to X-Box 360 and PS3

355w ago - EA confirms title is 'in development' for next-gen systems
Electronic Arts has confirmed that the second iteration of popular skateboarding title SKATE is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, the publisher hasn't released any information regarding release date or price for SKATE 2.

The news came as EA announced that it will release the next SKATE game, SKATE It, on Nintendo formats - and that gamers can play it on the Wii Balance Board.

Skate Review for PS3

387w ago - Plenty of skateboarding games have come and gone in the years since the long-running Tony Hawk franchise reinvented the genre. Most failed because they simply attempted to duplicate the arcadelike, fast-moving gameplay of Activision's series. After running unopposed for years, Activision's got some new competition in the form of Skate from Electronic Arts.

At times, this simulation-style skating game feels as though it was built from the ground up to be the anti-Tony Hawk, and aside from both games taking place on skateboards, the two don't have a whole lot in common. This is largely thanks to Skate's very cool control system, which puts all of the meaningful controls on the controller's two analog sticks and triggers. It's an awesome system that makes tricks feel more involved and entertaining. Unfortunately, you'll be applying this control scheme to a series of challenges and goals that aren't quite as good, and an extremely unstable frame rate certainly doesn't help, either.

Skate puts your skater movement onto the left analog stick. The right analog stick controls how you move and flip your skateboard to do tricks. For a simple ollie, you hold down on the stick to crouch then snap it up to jump into the air. Kickflips and heelflips are accomplished if you come up slightly left or right of center. Shuvits...
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