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Sony: No Plans for Rumored March PlayStation 3 Price Cut 200°
334w ago - Responding to new rumors of a PS3 price cut in March 2009, a Sony Computer Entertainment America rep told Edge, "There are no plans for a price reduction on PS3 in March 09, and anything reported on or discussed otherwise is purely rumor or speculation."

Over the weekend, online magazine D+Pad cited an anonymous source who purportedly...

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PlayStation 3 Home Open BETA Plans Detailed by Home Manager 200°
336w ago - PlayStation Home Community Manager TedTheDog has outlined a rough overview of the coming weeks leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 3 Home Open Beta. Details are as follows:

To quote: Excited? Me too

Frustrated? Sorry, but not long now.

Here's a rough overview of the coming weeks:

1. The version 1.0 Patch Notes will be published in the closed beta forum so they know what to expect...

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Dev: No Plans for Image Importing from HDD in LittleBigPlanet 50°
337w ago - Today LPB Dev Sam_Protagonist has squashed recent rumors that LittleBigPlanet would be getting an update this year to allow image importing via HDD by Christmas.

To quote: There are a couple of these rumors flying around today, so to clear things up - image importing is very much technically viable which may have been what Alex is...

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Sony: No Plans to Fix PSP-3000 Scanlines and Interlacing Issues 50°
339w ago - Just a few days back we reported on several users experiencing PSP-3000 Screen issues, including scanlines interlacing issues in games.

Today, Engadget has a brief official update to this concern as follows:

"Update: A Japanese Sony Computer Entertainment representative has informed us that the interlacing-like...

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Sony Plans to Turn Closed LittleBigPlanet BETA into Open Demo 50°
342w ago - Everyone is going absolutely nuts over the LittleBigPlanet BETA, as multiple gaming sites all over the Internet are giving away thousands of access codes. But you may not have to get lucky if you wish to play the game before its October 21 release date...

According to reliable inside information delivered by a reader, it seems Sony plans to open up the BETA testing during the final week to give everyone a shot at it. Essentially, they...

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D3Publisher Announces Plans to Move Entire PSP Catalog to PSN 100°
345w ago - PSP Gamers will now have access to favorite D3P titles including the original and very popular Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, critically-acclaimed Dead Head Fred, and more... no UMD required!


PSPTM Gamers Will Now Have Access to Favourite D3P Titles Including the Original...

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Microsoft Plans to Win in Europe! 50°
350w ago - Even though the console war is a global "conflict," winning one of the three big regions - North America, Asia and Europe - could offer a console manufacturer company huge profits.

Microsoft and their Xbox 360 kind of lost hope with Asia and especially Japan, even though the recently released Tales of Vesperia has proven to be a huge success. However, since the battle is still on in Europe, Microsoft's David Gosen said that...

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Sony's Big Plans for MMO Gaming on the PlayStation 3 200°
352w ago - Sony is planning on bringing gamers together in a bigger way than ever before. The PlayStation E3 2008 press conference introduced large scale multiplayer gaming plans for the PS3 with MAG, short for "Massive Action Game." The game is touting 256 player battles. It's a big effort in itself, but not the only one planned for the PS3.

Sony Online Entertainment's PS3 games will also support MMO and persistent gaming (where things keep happening...

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Sony: No plans for PS3 price cut, our Strategy is Profitability 50°
353w ago - Nobuyuki Oneda, the Chief Financial Officer of Sony has stated that the company has no plans to reduce the price of the PS3.

Oneda remarked that their strategy is not to sell more quantity but to focus on profitability.

To quote: Sony Corp. Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda said Friday the company has no plan to reduce the price of its Playstation 3 game console.

"Our strategy is not to sell more...

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Sony: No plans for PS2 Downloadable Titles on PS3 50°
355w ago - In response to a purported sceenshot showing PS2 game downloads for PlayStation 3, Sony says the image "must have been mocked up by an excited consumer."

I'm not sure where the image came from," said Sony's Patrick Seybold, when questioned by GamePro on visible allegations that PS2 games would be coming to the PlayStation Store.

"At this point, we haven't made any announcements, and there are no plans for PS2 downloadable...

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