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Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Could Go Multi-platform

Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Could Go Multi-platform 50°
325w ago - When Monster Hunter 3 was revealed to the public, most were shocked that the game would appear on a Nintendo system.

Rather than releasing on the PS3, Capcom had decided to go with the Wii to release the game. However, if the latest rumor is true, Monster Hunter 3 might not be a Wii exclusive after all.

A rough translation of a blurb from a foreign gaming magazine is as follows: "The decision of Monster Hunter 3's Wii-exclusivity is not yet final."

This bit of information comes from a Capcom representative. The thing is, as was mentioned, the line from the representative is a rough translation.

Moreover, we can't be 100% sure that this rumor is true until Capcom officially confirms/denies the rumor.

Monster Hunter 3 - PS3 Transition, Monsters Reworked & More!

Monster Hunter 3 - PS3 Transition, Monsters Reworked & More! 50°
336w ago - Monster Hunter 3 is an upcoming title from Capcom that is one of the most anticipated Nintendo Wii titles within Japan.

Although announced for Japan only, with talks of it going elsewhere as well, this title wasn't always set for the Nintendo Wii but rather the Playstation 3. With the change of platforms Capcom had to rethink how it would be developing this title as the PlayStation 3 version was to be originally be built off Monster Hunter 1.

Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of this title, revealed that with the change to Nintendo Wii they were given the opportunity to build the game from scratch which they knew would be the harder way to go but would pay off the most.

Kaname Fujioka, director of the title, has also made it known that monsters that have originally appeared in previous Monster Hunter titles will feel new and different to fans of this series as all elements of monsters have also been rehashed.

Monsters will also seem more realistic in this title as in previously in the series Monsters acted with no awareness of other monsters surrounding them but this time awareness will be at full advantage and players will be able to use this to their advantage.

Kaname Fujioka gave an example that if a larger monster was in the back and small monsters were...

Monster Hunter Tops Two Million in Japan

Monster Hunter Tops Two Million in Japan 250°
358w ago - A new record for the PSP! Monster Hunter keeps on selling over in Japan. The latest milestone represents a first both for the series and for the PSP: double platinum.

Capcom announced today that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has crossed the two million mark in Japanese shipments. This is the first time the Monster Hunter series has reached this mark, and is also a first for a Japanese PSP title.

While this is a shipped figure, the title is still one of the hottest titles at retail. The latest numbers from tracker Media Create have it in second place for last week, trailing just behind Mario Kart Wii.

Plug Pulled on Monster Hunter U.S. Servers

Plug Pulled on Monster Hunter U.S. Servers 50°
374w ago - Apparently three long years of service were enough for the small community of gamers that still played Monster Hunter on their Western Playstation 2s.

Of course, it's amazing that the love affair lasted as long as it did. Still serious business in Japan, sales of Monster Hunter games have been remained flat in the U.S. since their respective debuts. To date, the Playstation 2 version is the only one to feature actual online play, a major draw of the series in the first place (PSP releases only allowed ad hoc multiplayer in the same room).

For the seventy-or-so gamers logged on when the servers were shut off for good at approximately 12:25 PM EST, the departure must have been bittersweet. It wasn't Capcom's fault, though. According to a blog post on their community site a little over a month ago, the online capabilities of the game were outsourced to a company that no longer wants to remain in the business of networking Playstation 2 games (and really, what kind of business is that anyway?).

Ever the vanguard for its fans, Capcom even petitioned the nameless provider for a contract extension, but they weren't having any of it.

It's always kind of sad to see these small gaming communities disrupted – there's something intriguing about having that sort of dedication...

Hirai talks PS3 price drops, backwards compatibility, and more!

Hirai talks PS3 price drops, backwards compatibility, and more! 50°
382w ago - Speaking to Famitsu, Playstation supremo Kaz Hirai discussed a variety of juicy PS3 issues including further price drops, the lack of backwards compatibility in newer models and Monster Hunter's move to the Wii. Hirai commented that as far as pricing goes, the more games thare are and the higher the amount of PS3 units shipped, the more they are able to lower the price.

He also noted that there were many discussions about backwards compatibility although it was removed as the top riority is for owners to play Blu-ray games and have access to downloadable content. Moving onto the loss of Monster Hunter 3 to the Wii, Hirai stated that he hopes Sony can continue partnership with Capcom in this capacity.

To quote: The PS2 has had several price drops, can we see similar trends with the PS3?

Hirai: When there are more games on the console and the unit itself has also shipped a fair number, one trend is that we are able to reduce the costs. When games of different genres have been released, some of these will appeal to the masses and this is when we have to consider a pricing which would appeal to these types of audiences. This is a common trend so the PS3 doesn't need to go against such trends. By keeping the 20GB and 60GB, we are leaving as many options as possible for the consumers to choose...

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