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Update on Killzone 2 Multiplayer Online Issues for PlayStation 3 200°
321w ago - Seb Downie, the Producer over at Guerilla Games made an official update on some of Killzone 2's issues.

He talks about the removal of bots from online multiplayer rooms, statistics, the official site and issues in general.

Find the full response below:


"This is a temporary solution to the complaints regarding the cheaters. We will come up with a more suitable and elegant solution...

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Killzone 2 Dev Explains Absence of Cover System in Multiplayer 50°
338w ago - According to Guerrilla Games QA Manager Seb Downie, the "Lean and Peak" system seen in Killzone 2's single player campaign will not be present in the game's multiplayer mode.

"It didn't work too well in the 360 degree combat environment that is multiplayer," wrote Downie on the Official PlayStation forums.


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Preview: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Dazzles & Bots Confirmed 50°
349w ago - It's been a long wait, but I finally had the chance to engage in Killzone 2's much-anticipated online multiplayer at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Teased at E3 in Los Angeles last month, I have been practically foaming at the mouth to give it a go. Here's how it went down.

I was lucky enough to be in the first session at the show, meaning that aside from internal testing, I was first outside of Guerrilla Games' development...

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Video: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Trailer Available 50°
349w ago - PlayStation Now reports that the following KillZone 2 trailer is due to be shown tomorrow at GC 20008, so here it is that little bit earlier!

Courtesy of DailyMotion, the trailer video is available below.

Enjoy guys!

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Killzone 2 E3 2008 Multiplayer Screens Available! 50°
353w ago - (linked above) has posted up a whole new variety of KillZone 2 multiplayer screenshots from E3 2008 as part of their E3 Impressions article.

A rough partial translation from the journalist reads as follows:

Maybe someone will come to a special, but the Killzone 2, I really enjoyed most of all titles, which I plan in Los Angeles to see.

Therefore, I very failure of its absence at the main press...

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