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Rumor: WipEout Pulse May be Heading to the PlayStation 2 50°
325w ago - Eurogamer (linked above) claims to have knowledge of a PS2 version of WipEout Pulse in development, but an official Sony statement on the as-yet unannounced title muddles the actual status of the futuristic racer.

To quote: Sony declined to comment directly on WipEout Pulse for PS2, but told Eurogamer in a statement: "There are over 9.5m PS2s in the UK and we will continue to support this large userbase with software on an ongoing basis....

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for PS3 Heading to PlayStation Network 50°
325w ago - D3Publisher has confirmed to Eurogamer that Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will be released on PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox Live Arcade, PC and DS.

To quote: The Web site hosting the PC-based Flash demo version released earlier this week carries the PS3 logo, but up to now the publisher, and developer Infinite Interactive, have only referred to the other formats.

"Puzzle Quest...

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Monster Hunter G is Heading to Nintendo Wii 50°
330w ago - Monster Hunter 3 is still in development and has yet to be released, but that isn't stopping the announcement of another Monster Hunter title that will end up on the Nintendo Wii.

According to the latest edition of Famitsu, Monster Hunter G will be heading to the Wii.

The game originally was released on the PS2 and then moved to the PSP for a European and North American release.

Monster Hunter G marks the...

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Video: Burnout Paradise's New Island Detailed, Heading to PSN 200°
333w ago - Ready to check out "Big Surf Island"? Burnout Paradise is expanding quite a bit in 2009, and that includes a brand new island to drive around.

The premium DLC won't be free, but considering how much Criterion has already added to the game, we don't mind the opportunity to finally give them money for something.

The island is all about crazy jumps, as this new episode of the CrashTV podcast reveals.

The video...

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PSN Card Heading to U.S. Retailers 250°
351w ago - If the following scan is anything to go by, then the PSN card will be rolled out to major other retailers across US instead of just Meijer and Pamida stores.

To quote: PS3 owners in the U.S have been clamoring for PSN cards since shortly after the system's launch. Now, finally, those precious cards are on the way.

This is an article from the September 08 issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine.

Time will...

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Heading to PS3 this Fall 100°
355w ago - Already announced for a late 2008 release on PC and Xbox 360, European-based developer Ascaron Entertainment today revealed that it is working on a PlayStation 3 version of upcoming action RPG Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

Due out on store shelves this fall, the PS3 edition will feature enhanced graphics, optimized control settings tailored specifically towards the PS3, 5.1 surround sound, and cooperative play either via online or offline...

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Rumor: BioShock Heading to PS3, for Real 100°
360w ago - Despite numerous denials from publisher Take-Two and the like, UK PlayStation rag PSM3 is making the bold claim that BioShock is heading to PS3 on its cover page.

Details are nonexistent at the moment as the mag won't hit newsstands until June 5, but the cover shot does pose an attention grabbing headline, which interestingly denotes "Why Xbox's best shooter is better on PS3."

Does that mean the long-awaited PS3...

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Rumor: New Nintendo DS Colors Heading to Europe this June 100°
361w ago - According to the Spanish branch of European retailer GAME, two new DS colors are due out in Europe this coming June - Lime Green and Deep Red.

A third color dubbed Ice Blue is listed on the site as well, but that color has already been released in Japan, so it's not entirely new. All color variations are pegged for a June 13 on the site.

As per usual, Nintendo has yet to officially announce any of the new colors....

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